The Church, descrimination and double standards

Hi Grit

Far be it from me to interfere in the workings of the church, but is appears from a recent news item that the Church in the UK is complaining loudly because the government is banning it from being descriminatory. The issue has been raised over the fact that the Church have been told that their adoption agencies will no longer be able to deny same sex partners from adopting children.

What I find interesting in this article is the response from Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor when he says they are not being descriminatory, just wont allow children from their agencies to be adopted by non hetrosexual partners. To me it is obvious that the church is discriminatory, and not only in this instance. 

He also says that the government is creating a “different kind of morality.” Now I thought that equality was part of the moral fibre of the bible, but perhaps I got that wrong.

The other aspect of this issue that I find unusual is the double standards in operation. It seems to now be acceptable for non-hetrosexual people to become members of the clergy, where they can be involved with the instruction and development of a childs life, but they are not allowed to do this in a family environment. How about the sector of the churches that discriminate against married clergy, whilst advocating marriage as the right way of family life, or its position on female clergy in the past? Then of course there is the Churches position on divorce where, although it is frowned upon, they will turn a blind eye to remarrying in the Church, especially if Royalty is involved.

The term “put your own house in order” springs to mind.

the Brit

One Response to “The Church, descrimination and double standards”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Well, I would think that if anyone knows about potential sexual abuse of children, it’s the Church.

    the Grit

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