Progress in Iraq!

Hi Brit,

It seems that things are looking up on the war front!  According to this, Iraqis: at Least 200 Insurgents Killed, the Iraqi military is taking more responsibility for their country’s defense, and, apparently, doing it well.  Of course, the big question remains, do the Democrats have the patience to let us win the war, or will they sell the people of Iraq down the river like they did to the South Vietnamese?

the Grit

2 Responses to “Progress in Iraq!”


    you know as well as i do that the yellow bellies have no paitance.
    They will do whatever it takes to make us fail. They could give a rats ass about the the people of iraq.
    Once the democrats get the surrender that they want and our troops have to come home for lack of money to fight, it will be a slaughter over there and thenwe will be attacked here at home again.


  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi RA,

    That, pretty much, is my prediction. Of course, they’ll have to do it soon, so they can blame it on Bush, like they blamed Vietnam of Nixon.

    I find myself torn over this issue. On one hand, I feel for the Iraqis, particularly the Curds (Kurds?) who have actually run TV ads here thanking us for our efforts at freeing them from Saddam. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see what would happen if the liberals got their way and we cut funding to the military to just enough to defend the Home Land. Except for England, none of the European countries have the military power needed to protect themselves. Would they make the investment and turn away from socialism, or would they follow their historic path, get conquered and hope the US would rescue them?

    the Grit

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