Jade, Shilpa and Big Brother – the media aftermath

Hi Grit

As expected, the story of the Big Brother house and it’s inmates continues in the media, with screaming headlines from all the papers each trying to lead with a different contestant. The Mirror has Shilpa’s story, which is still the most balanced of the lot, as she tries to defuse the racism aspect.

The Sun reveals that Jade Goody, the main instigator, has booked into a rehab clinic on the verge of a breakdown, as her world is falling apart. Whatever one’s views on her are, let’s hope at least she can find some peace and come to terms with everything, if only for her family.

The Daily Star led with Danielle’s story, which had little to add and seemed to confirm what Shilpa thought of her, that she was stupid. The Mirror again carried the story about Jo O’Meara refusing to apologise for her part in the incident.

Have you noticed anything strange about all this? The most startling fact to me is that none of the male contestants of the show appear to made or been ask to make any comment about the events of the past three weeks.

the Brit 

4 Responses to “Jade, Shilpa and Big Brother – the media aftermath”

  1. Hiren Says:

    I have read writeups in which it is stated that the whole program thrives on concocted conflict. If true, what is the fuss all about then?Maybe if some male had commented, it would start a fresh controversy.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Hiren

    The fuss is about selling the media and making a profit. The people involved with the incident were stupid and committed acts that they should not have done. But, the media is making a fortune out of trying to tear these people apart. In the UK it appears that most hysteria is incited by the media.

    Thanks for the comment.

    the Brit

  3. Sunil Says:

    Sunil here again. Please, is the British public doing anything to stop the ultra-extreme villification of the three people who were in the wrong? I don’t believe they deserve such treatment, and I am afraid it might hurt them too badly.

    Bullying Shilpa was bad, but that was 3 against 1. Bullying these 3 is worse now, because one can imagine how it is if it’s thousands against 3. They should not be branded, they should not be hunted, the should not be hated. No one deserves such feelings directed towards them. They should be excused their ignorance/stupidity/racist ideology/whatever it was, and left alone to live in peace.

    I hope Shilpa at least does something about this, using her newfound public voice. Otherwise this hate will beget more.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Sunil

    I agree with you. Unfortunately, getting the media to stop is almost impossible. However, I believe that Shilpa is doing her best to defuse the situation.

    the Brit

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