Finally, the yoke gets lighter.

Hi Brit,

This item, Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation, should give you a bit of an insight into US politics and how our Government works.  As you may know, our Federal Government has blessed us with gigantic agencies and departments, crammed full of careerer bureaucrats, that exist for the sole purpose of attempting to regulate every tiny detail of everything that happens, or can happen, in America.  Now, a moments thought, will expose the trouble of this system, that being that there is no conceivable way for legislation to be passed with enough detail to cover all this.  Thus, over the years, Congress, realizing in their wisdom that millions might die from RRDS (Rules & Regulations Deficit Syndrome) without a constant flow of new and ever more complex and comprehensive instructions from Washington, solved the problem by delegating their Constitutional duty to the unelected employees of the various nanny agencies. 

President Bush has, with the stroke of a Constitutionally authorized pen, slapped the new Power in town back down to size.  The best part of the article is a response from a leading, and very liberal, Democrat:

Representative Henry A. Waxman, Democrat of California and chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said: “The executive order allows the political staff at the White House to dictate decisions on health and safety issues, even if the government’s own impartial experts disagree. This is a terrible way to govern, but great news for special interests.”

Yes, Mr. Waxman, I know how you feel.  It is certainly a shame that we have to bother with involving elected officials in the process.  Oh, the trouble caused by this thing we call democracy.

the Grit

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  1. Tinccarf Says:

    I agreed with you

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