Death penalty!?!?

Hi Brit,

While there are vast quantities of arguments both for and against the death penalty, some crimes, at least to me, are so heinous that I have no doubts as to the appropriateness of slaughtering the criminal.  All due process should, of course, be followed to insure the guilt of the monster about to be dispatched.  By now, you’re probably thinking of Saddam and his too horrible to speak of crimes.  Good guess, but wrong.  Instead there are criminals walking among us that are less well known but even more unspeakable.  When caught and tried, deep in my heart, I feel they need to be terminated with extreme prejudice.  Here is an example, South Korean duo arrested for 1.6 bln spam e-mails.  Honestly, I’m not sure there is a country today that has a method of execution gruesome enough to be appropriate for this crime, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t around and send them off to the worst we can find.

the Grit

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