Barbie in tears after taking a bashing

barbie.jpgHi Grit

Like me, I doubt that when a child, you came into contact with the “Barbie” doll, but my sister certainly had one, as did most of the girls in the area. Barbie was more than an icon, she was every child dream. Every girl had to have one and every boy wanted “a doll like that when I grow up.” Hence why, up until recently, she enjoyed 75% of the global fashion doll market.

But now the cute little Barbie is being bashed. A new doll called Bratz is giving Barbie a bashing. Yet another example of bullying, this time in the commercial marketplace. Barbie’s market share has already dropped to 60%? Is this any way to allow the doll idol of millions of children for nearly half a century to be treated? Surely not!

I think we should start a triple B campaign (Bring Back Barbie). Let’s spread the word through the Internet, with a double triple B campaign – BRING BACK BARBIE and BANISH BULLY BRATZ.

the Brit

One Response to “Barbie in tears after taking a bashing”

  1. nadica Says:

    jas ce si izvadam samata da ne me kazujte na bate move oti on e vo suma od skoloto uciterot mu rekol da vidat dali ima zmija ako ima da ja zemat
    aj seaaaaaa mose da mi pisis ako sakas ej da mi pisis aaaaako ne mi pisis nema vera akooo ima vera toga te sakam mnogu i seee mnogu tesakam
    i love you

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