The world of the unusual

Hi Grit

I thought I would share a few stories that I came across this morning.

Crime of the day. It could only happen in Ireland. A convict on weekend release from prison, when faced with delays in returning within his deadline, relied upon his experience to solve the problem. He stole a car and drove it back to the jail. He received a suspended sentence for the act.

Monty Python. It seems that in Malaysia they have a shortage of Guard Dogs for their fruit orchards. This could have something to do with a large python, who recently swallowed eleven of these dogs. The snake must have one gigantic appetite.

Abandon Train. I guess this could only happen in the UK. During the recent small incidence of snow a train got stuck (nothing unusual there you might think.) However, in this case the train driver and crew obviously decided they had had enough, so they got off the train and ordered a taxi to take them home, leaving the passengers stranded. I can’t say that I have noticed this option in the Customer Care manual.

the Brit   

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