No wonder no Senate ethics reform!

Hi Brit,

As I mentioned earlier, the Democrats ran on a platform of “changing the culture of corruption” in Congress.  What they didn’t mention was that, they meant changing who gets the payoffs.  This, A deal in the desert for Sen. Reid?, could well explain why the Senate hasn’t enacted new ethics rules and standards since the liberals took charge.  It would seem that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) got a sweetheart deal, just like Hillary did trading in commodities back before Bill made President.  Of course, the liberal press doesn’t give this bit of corruption top billing, since, if Reid gets impeached and booted, the liberals loose control of the Senate.  Typical.

the Grit

2 Responses to “No wonder no Senate ethics reform!”

  1. theslowsteadydrip Says:

    it is amazing how we have such a double standard with media coverage. oh yeah, i once got a real good deal too, 2 scoops of vanilla for the price of one…..

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi t,

    Well, I do my best to point out the horror that is our liberal press. On the other hand, the line, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” does come to mind 🙂 Honestly, now that I have time to really keep up with what goes on in this country, and the world (thank you AlGore for the Internet), more and more I feel we should scrap it all and start over. Unfortunately, given the current world situation, if we did that we’d get over run from outside before we could get our new act together. Life is, quite often, a bitch. Unfortunately, that’s the good news 😉

    the Grit

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