Ethanol, evil, evil ethanol

Hi Brit,

As I’m sure you know, our environmentalist wackos have pushed our political wackos into pushing, by law, the use of ethanol combined with gasoline as an “environmentally friendly” and “anti Global Warming” fuel.  As I always figured, being a farmer and a heavy consumer of distilled spirits, growing crops to turn into combustible fuel is stupid, The new gold rush: how farmers are set to fuel America’s future.  Besides the inefficiency involved with producing this “green” fuel, it also, obviously, reduces the available food supply.  The first signs of the damage this will do are in Mexico, A Culinary and Cultural Staple in Crisis.  You should note that, even if they switch from using corn as the base for ethanol production, there is only so much good farming land, but an ever increasing number of mouths to feed.  The only acres left to plant rest under forests so …

the Grit

2 Responses to “Ethanol, evil, evil ethanol”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Does this mean that they win two ways? One they reduce the emissions from cars. Two there is not enough food to consume, so that reduces the number of drivers. Hmmm interesting plan!

    the Brit

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Well, since the people starving to death will, mostly, not be US citizens and, thus, potential voters, one could easily find it believable that our liberals might feel that way.

    the Grit

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