Will it never end?

Hi Brit,

While I like you personally, I’m thinking of writing my Congressmen and demanding they declare war on England.  The reason, why to stop your Big Brother race problems being all over the Internet!  Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!  Now they’re going on about some singer, Jo O’Meara, that I’ve never heard of, or heard for that matter, because she imitated Shilpa Shetty’s voice?  Who cares?  This article, Big Brother star Jo denies racism, points out that Jo has Indian relatives, which, according to the Big Book of Political Correctness, when combined with any semblance of an attempt at humor allows some mocking of accents.  Don’t y’all keep up with these things?

Besides, the lass obviously has no idea what she’s doing most of the time.  For evidence I offer this quote, “We was doing that with her and she was finding that really funny.”  Add to this that she has, apparently, posed nude, and I think we can drop the racism stuff.  Of course, that article also mentions that: Before Friday’s show, a police spokeswoman said: “An investigation into allegations of racist behavior inside the Celebrity Big Brother house is continuing.”  Now, I know that y’all do things a bit differently over there, but I had no idea you had criminalized racist speech.  No wonder your jails are full.  Goodness, if we did that over here, it would be easier to move all the people who HAVEN’T said anything racist into one small state and declare the rest of the country a prison.

So, Brit my friend, I would consider it a great personal favor it you would stroll over to the Big Brother set and slap who ever is in charge silly.

the Grit

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