We’ve been greened!

Hi Brit,

Well, President Bush is trying to make friends in liberal places: Executive Order: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management. Of course, the liberal press isn’t interested, since they hate Bush with an almost religious passion.  Now, if President Clinton had done this, it would be the headline on every major paper and be repeated endlessly on every news show.  Alas, now we’re not only stuck with wasting more Federal dollars on this silly attempt to go green, but Bush isn’t even going to get credit for making the effort.   Pity.

On the other hand, it is cool that the President can do things like this.  Now, if it were me, I’d assign colors to all the Federal Agencies and issue an Executive Order that all Federal Buildings be painted in the appropriate color and that the employees of that Agency dress exclusively in that color.  I might even make them dye their hair.  The IRS, by the way, would get pink as their color.  Could that be why I’m not President? 

the Grit

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