Jo, Jade, Danielle and Big Brother

Hi Grit

I am afraid that the Big Brother show will go on for the next three days at least. Take today for example. I found Jade Goody on the front of no less that a dozen magazines and 5 newspapers. As for Jo, she is one of the gang of three who were involved with the racism and bullying and has faced a public reaction similar to Jade. It is expected that the same will be the fate of Danielle, who will leave the house on Sunday.

Did I hear you say that you don’t know who Jo is? Surely you remember the band “Steps” from the UK 🙂 a few years ago. It was a boy/girl combo band that failed to achieve much success outside of our shores. Jo was one of the singers, only her vocabulary and elocution appears to have deterioated dramatically from then.

Yes it is true that we have laws over here, which can be exercised by the police if they feel that the words and actions promoted race hatred. Actually, we do not have that book of political correctness and the fact that you might have relatives of a different national origin can not be used as an excuse for the comments that were made in this case, should the police wish to pursue the matter.  In this case they have already contacted Jade and her mother and asked them to attend interviews, and intend to do the same with Jo and Danielle as soon as they are free from the big brother house. So it appears that they are taking the incident very seriously and all three will have a serious problem, on top of the dislike from the public and their career damage.

Of course the real crazy part is that the TV production company was in a position to have not allowed this to become public so yes, as you say Grit, they deserve a kick somewhere. They could have bleeped or shut the viewing down during the situation, instead of which they allowed it to run live and then repeated it on at least two occasions.

One two more days to go through my friend.

the Brit

4 Responses to “Jo, Jade, Danielle and Big Brother”

  1. anuolu b Says:

    I think the TV station was right in broadcasting the confrontation. To me, the purpose of Big Brother is to showcase how people will get along with each other when they have to deal with each other 24/7. Like MTV’s ‘The Real World’, it shows, “….what happens when people stop being polite and start being real”.
    We have the right to know who the celebrities we, as adults, and the incoming generations look up to as role models.

    p.s. Jo is from S Club 7


  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Annulo,

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Of course it is Ian H who was from Steps.

    Thanks for your post.

    the Brit

  3. undies Says:



  4. john Says:

    do you know what i love jo danielle and jade and i think its tight that people nearly made jo go over the top they all said sorry
    just remember jermaine and shilpa called them white trash

    love you jo xxxxxx

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