George Bush and the ladies triangle

Hi Grit

Although there has been no Clinton-type impropriety during George Bush’s Presidency, he must be wondering what he has done to become embroiled in a triangle on ladies.

It seems to me that this is the most important issue that George Bush has to face during the last two years of his term, namely how to deal with the ladies. In the past three months suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, he has been placed in the middle of a triangle of female attackers.

First there is the leader of the house Ms Pelosi, who has made plain her disagreement with the way that he is conducting the Iraq war and a number of other issues. In fact, it is difficult to find an issue where there is any vestigage of agreement between the two.

Next comes Ms Merkel of the EU, seeking to promote a single US/EU marketplace. One only has to look at the imperfections of the EU’s own region wide policies to see how successful that will be. This despite the fact that there is no consensus of opinion in favour of it from the individual nations involved.

Lastly, Hilary Clinton has entered the fray. One of course has to wonder about her utterances of returning the core values back to American life, especially in view of the husbands antics whilst he was in office.

Whilst I am in no way a chauvinist, I have to wonder how Bush is going to cope with this new position he finds himself in. Having spent the last six years discussing issues with male politicians, with whom he shares a similar daily word output, how is he going to fare in a position where he has to discuss these with ladies, who researches have proven to have a word output of at least 2.5 times that of a male?

the Brit

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