Gay me up!

Hi Brit,

I don’t know if you caught the scandal earlier this month when actor Isaiah Washington, on Grey’s Anatomy, let out his true feeling and called a fellow actor a cigarette.  What that has to do with being a homosexual is beyond me, but that was what the remark was intended to mean.  Of course, that was totally Politically Incorrect (even for a black man), and Isaiah has been working hard to kiss enough liberal ass to let him stay a liberal in good standing.  Now he’s resorting to the homophobic equivalent of rehab, Isaiah Washington Seeks Counseling .  Lucky thing he didn’t call that fellow a cigar, or he’d be finished for sure.

the Grit

44 Responses to “Gay me up!”

  1. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    I’m sorry but I must laugh at this. Normally you must be a white male to receive such abuse. Only liberals could come up with the idea of rehab as a cure for freedom of speech. All I can say to Isaiah is “Welcome to the party pal.”

    Lord Crimson

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    Nice to see you around. Of course, we must remember that Isaiah makes enough to afford his “treatments.”

    the Grit

  3. Dirk Says:

    I agree with you Mr. Red. Liberals are always nosing into things that are of no concern to them whatsoever. Liberals hate freedom, liberals hate liberty, liberals hate liberation for the masses (save liberation from our precious conservative bodies). They wish to consecrate a pact with whatever coniving evils they can to ensure the continued confinement of the free wills and open spirits of the people. Conservatives, in our wishes to free the people and expose the liberals for what they are, con-artists and future convicts, will stop at nothing (i am sure all of you will agree) to ensure that we, the American people, are never constrained to live in a society dominated by the fearmongering and dastardly liberals.

    I can tell you as a matter of fact that the only type of person that cares more about liberty, justice, and equality are the fine conservative republicans. I say, we can get along just fine without liberals… Then we could fight this great war in peace! And having a peaceful war is a “best practice”.

    Down with liberals, let us, as true blue conservatives, rise up and crush with an IRON FIST this rebellion against freedom and the right to wage peaceful wars!!!

    Regards, Dirk

  4. Brian Says:

    I’m a gay liberal (cringe yet?) and I don’t care whether he got called a faggot or not. I get called “Faggot” at work sometimes, and I always reply with a loud “Fatass!” That always get ’em.

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    Actually, I think liberals are fine people, except for their quirk of thinking that they are superior to everyone else to the point that they should get to make decisions for everyone. Of course, this trait, generally, stems from their economic status. The poor liberals are liberal because they want a hand out. The rich ones, those being the dangerous ones, are liberal because they feel guilty about their success, and want someone else to pay for it. If they really believed in their ideology, there would be no rich liberals, as they would give their excess wealth to the poor. Thus, when you find a rich liberal, you find a liar and a fraud, and when you find a poor liberal you find a beggar. It’s sad really.

    the Grit

  6. Dirk Says:

    Hey Grit,

    Actually, I have to admit i’m actually a liberal (mostly libertarian i’d say). I do enjoy being facetious from time to time you know (peaceful war?! I nearly cracked myself in half with that one). I was hoping that some folks would join in and help be completely blow the conservative position way way out of portion. For instance: conservatives claiming to love freedom -> “Down with liberals, let us, as true blue conservatives, rise up and crush with an IRON FIST this rebellion against freedom and the right to wage peaceful wars!!!” while supressing opposition. Thats great – classic i’d say.

    At any rate it has been fun but I have to get up early so I can get on with my projects with great haste tomorrow.

    Regards, Dirk

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Heck no. As luck would have it, I have no problems with gays, lesbians, group marriage things, S&M, shucks, name it as long as all are adults and consenting. I do think that, for the moment, the traditional definition of marriage is what we need to stick to, in general. Change in the basic social values of our country, in my opinion, should take place slowly, just to be safe. Beyond that, be as gay and liberal as you want. Just don’t ask others to pay for it.

    As to being called names at work, I was once called “crazy” when at lunch with the bosses. I replied that, just because one has dreams of bringing a semi-automatic pistol to work and killing everyone who pisses them off, does not mean they are crazy. Nothing along these lines was, surprisingly, ever mentioned again.

    Oh, and wasn’t my joke about fag-cigarette, in light of my association with the Brit worth at least a chuckle? Come on people, I try hard here under extremely difficult restrictions! 😉

    Now, Brian, please, since I have seen this mentioned a few times with no idea as to its meaning, explain “fatass”? Please, since I’m old and over the hill?

    the Grit

  8. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    Rant (short version)

    Ole’ Dirk reminds me of a typical liberal politician that must pretend to be something that he is not in order to get votes. But in reality his claim to fame is that he is proof that not all horses asses are on horses.

    Lord Crimson

  9. Brian Says:

    A “fatass” would be someone with a large behind/rump/caboose/ass

  10. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    What self control to confine a rant thus.

    Hi Brian,

    Well, that was my initial assumption. I just wanted to make sure no additional meaning had been added. Thanks.

    the Grit

  11. Dirk Says:

    Sorry Crimson, it just so happens I am not a politician but a programmer – with an attitude! Roar!!

    Too bad you cant take a joke or understand my humor. Perhaps its not sophisticated enough for your genteel tastes.

    Also liberal politicians are a good thing. If you think about what a republican stands for (a republic) as opposed to what a democrat stands for (democracy) you may decide to sing a different tune. I highly recommend you study your etemology my friend, as it can be pretty darned enlightening.

    By the way you have a nice looking site there Lord Crimson. Kudos on the elegant design and minimalist. I would point you to my sites but alas, I can’t do that until they are ready for production and sales.

    About asses. Asses are much like opinions and I can say that I would rather be my own that yours. Unless you have a particularly fine one, and as a general rule, fine asses occur only on people who have fine minds. Therefore I must conclude that I would rather have my ass than yours!

    Insofar as pretending goes, I do not pretend, I like to make caricatures of idiotic opinions such as yours.

    Regards, Dirk

  12. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    First, I should point out that I like the fact that you actually take time to hit the shift key when typing your name.

    As to democracy vs republic, I’ll follow the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and choose republic. Pure democracy can be easily shown for the folly it is by the example of the three men and two women in such a contract. The motion was made that the women put out; the vote was 3-2 in favor, and …

    In closing, I would ask you, kindly, not to abuse Lord Crimson, or pick fights here. Please do not make me taunt you.

    Now, go read may latest post, put the music on, and let us all be as one.

    the Grit

  13. Dirk Says:

    Many heartfelt appologies to the Lord Crimson for my abuse. Truly it is not my intent to cause undue suffering to any person of any creed, etc… However, I do hope that Lord Crimson can refrain from suggesting that I am an ass just because he doesn’t understand my humor. I will not dispute that point however as it may be true, but I am the one to say I am an ass…

    Well I guess now that I say it then he can too (irregularly – otherwise I will use the hyper-plex-uber-ray – and I REALLY don’t want to do that)!

    At any rate. Democracy allows for all parties to get involved as opposed to just the few rich and powerful. Their hedgemony is not mine and is not everyone else’s. I agree that in small groups or woefully imballanced groups, democracy is not a good strategy (Iraq) but it is a good way. Take a poll for instance. Would anyone here want to live without them?

    I will admit that a [pure] democracy is not good thing (neither is pure alcohol but Martinis are nice), many philosophers of the Aristotelian blend (i think), thought that democracy is the rule (tyranny) of the uneducated. And to some extent he is right. But Bernard Crick among others has made some points about democracy that suggest that democracy is the only right way. Obviously everyone is going to interpret the sign (word) “democracy” to signify something particular to themselves and no two people will understand the signified the same way but in the most general sense. Crick suggests that Democracy is the freedom to be involved and not left out. People can still choose their leaders and so forth so it’s not like we have to all be involved in everything but the important part is that WE CAN BE.

    In a republic there are ruling classes. Much like the caste system you see in India today. And thats no place for a free heart and mind, NO…

    In a Democracy, people can ________ .

    That is why democracy is best (not to say that some aspects of the republic and even communist approach should not be included), but democracy should be the first ingredient.

    “In the context of the debate over the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES in 1788, federalists refined the concept further so that the term republic referred to a particular kind of DEMOCRACY.” – ref: – section on [Encyclopedia of American history]

    Well, once again. Many appologies Lord Crimson. I mean that truly. I may have carried that too far and I regret it now.

    Sorry for the long rant but I can be long winded at times.

    Regards Dirk

  14. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    Rant all you like.

    the Grit

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