Diet and exercise

Hi Grit

What surprises me in this world is waste. Whilst glancing through the news last night I came across an article about diet and exercise. Nothing unusual about that you might think and on the surface that is true. However, this report is in respect of a scientific study conducted into the effects of diet and exercise, both in terms of weight loss and longevity. Their findings?

1) A controlled diet helps weight loss. 

2) Exercise helps weight loss and physically makes us healthier.

3) Diet and Exercise can have an equal impact upon weight loss.

4) Diet and exercise can improve human longevity.

Have we not had thousands of researches and studies that confirm these findings in the past? What new information has this study produced that we did not already know? The report says that its findings may challenge the way that the diet and fitness industry view diet and exercise. With all respect I think that is rubbish. These findings have been known for years by people as individuals as well as the industry.

Of course, like all similar researches, there is an area where they cannot produce positive results and that is longevity. Apparently, although I am not sure how, they have proven that worms and dogs live longer on a controlled diet and exercise regime, but have yet to positively prove its longevity value to humans. My first point here is how the heck do you control the exercise and diet of a worm? In laboratory conditions you are taking it out of its environment and, of course, there is the added problem of getting a worm to co-operate by using dumb-bells, a running machine or to go out for regular ten minute walks. This is apart from the fact that they are not physically capable of engaging in such routines. Secondly, there is the issue of the value of comparing the habits and activity of a worm with a human being. My final point is this. Yes I accept that humans live longer as a result of improvements in medicine and other advances; yes it is known that a person who eats properly and exercises potentially lives longer than one who doesn’t; but where is the scientific study in that? Surely it is a simple case of common sense?

Which all brings me back to the core of my first sentence, waste! To me this is another example of government or business pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds (or dollars), into another fruitless exercise, the results of which adds no value to the subject matter whatsoever. The time energy and products used in the course of this research has all be wasted, not to mention the potential cruelty to animals by subjecting them to experiments that they neither asked for nor agreed to.

Surely there is a more constructive way of utilising the brains of these people?

the Brit

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