The liberal media ain’t real bright

Hi Brit,

While we all suspect, or so I suspect, that the liberal media aren’t running on all cylinders, I stumbled across a news item that illustrates it nicely,

Ted Nugent denies immigrant reference.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Ted Nugent, not only is he one of the best guitarists in the world, but he is a fanatic hunter with bow, firearms, and, I suspect, his bare hands.  I’ve heard rumors that he is tough enough to chase his prey down on foot, kill it in any one of several bloody ways, and eat it raw.  He is also known to be a straight forward, outspoken, and direct type, who has absolutely no hesitation to tell you exactly what he thinks.  So, to pick a fight with this killing machine, a man who could easily slaughter most people and compose a great new musical work while doing it, knowing that he is rich enough to get off with at least one murder, to me, is definite proof of stupidity.

 Rock on Ted!

the Grit

One Response to “The liberal media ain’t real bright”

  1. Stephen Hastie Says:

    I love what Ted nugent had to say with this. PEDA sucks and i will alwase stick to that. I am so happy that Ted Had the balls to finnaly shut up the fucking liberal mouth. I live in NYC and everyday i want to blow my fucking brains out because of all this Liberal, communist crap i hear everyday. I am a hunter and i love to hunt with my dad i was born and raised as a country boy and i was grown up right to know that demorcracy is the way to go. I will do anything to fight for what i thing is right. Every day people say america sucks and they say why not God bless Iraq why god bless America? I say Because America is were we live in and if you dont like america than go to iraq. Its so hard battling with all of ny but i try. I just wanted to say that Ted Nugent is my hero.

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