The house that frivolous lawsuits bought

Hi Brit,

Here’s a small part of the 2008 Presidential campaign.  I’ll try to do an over view later, but this was just too good to put off.

In the 2004 race, the Democratic team for President and Vice President was John Kerry and John Edwards.  As you well know, they lost.  This time around, Edwards is having a go at the big prize.  Here’s a good article on his background,

The highlights of this are that he made big bucks off various Big Companies as a trial lawyer and that he had a cute angle on his political rhetoric.  His angle was that there are Two Americas, one for the rich and privileged, and one for us common types.  Well, guess which America Edwards calls home?

Edwards Home County’s Largest

It seems the fat cat has plopped down around $6,000,000 in pocket change to acquire title to a 28,000 square foot home on a tiny 102 acre lot.  Ah, it’s a hard life being the champion of the poor and downtrodden.  Note that the web page was linked on Drudge today and may be a bit over whelmed.

the Grit

One Response to “The house that frivolous lawsuits bought”

  1. Can you say “buying votes?” « Conversations with Brit & Grit Says:

    […] plan of my own.  I say we confiscate, ah, that is tax at 100%, Edward’s new super luxury estate, and put that $6,000,000 in a fund to buy health care for poor people.  Just the interest on that […]

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