EU – Don’t blame us!

Hi Grit

I hear your comments about the way that the EU is reacting to Microsoft. In fact it is a coalition of other computer companies that is raising their ugly heads about the matter. It is one of the problems with globalisation that every business wants a slice of it until someone (like Microsoft), find a great way to really make a go of it. Then all of the also-rans like IBM etc., start to rant because they have not made such a good job of achieving market share.

The EU commission, which is hardly a representative body from the electorate of the European nations, thinks to itself “oh dear, we had better not upset these transnational companies.” So they start ranting off as well. Of course no-one asks the millions of civilians what they think about the subject.

So, whilst I accept that this might have upset those in the US like you Grit, I would say that it is not a EU wide decision.

the Brit

2 Responses to “EU – Don’t blame us!”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Our software companies did that number here too, and won. Still, that was more like to a family spat. Having the EU jump in is, well, fighting words. Nothing personal, and I feel for your fight against oppression, as I struggle with my own. I don’t know if you noticed, but even Bush, our supposedly conservative President, is wanting to take the first baby step toward socialized health care!

    the Grit

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Grit

    Microsoft has the problem of being hoisted by its own success. It is possibly the nearest example of perfect commercial globalisation and this is why the also-rans are kicking up. All had the same opportunities but the others goofed.

    You can see from our social health care that it is by no means the perfect system.

    the Brit

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