Democrats causing Climate Change for political gain!

Hi Brit,

Well, it does seem as if Nanny Pelosi, the Speaker Lady and big gun against Global Warming and Climate Change (if it’ll get her a vote or two,) is another liberal who’s ideology only applies to the common people.  She and a horde of Big Name liberal politicians are off on a quick trip to Iraq to check things out for themselves, Pelosi to meet with al-Maliki in quick visit to Iraq.  Of course, they’re flying, pumping tons and tons of CO2 into the air, not to mention burning untold thousands of tax payer dollars, just to have a photo-op and make a political point.  Typical liberal elitists.  What do you want to bet that they step off the jet right into a convoy of SUVs?

the Grit

2 Responses to “Democrats causing Climate Change for political gain!”

  1. madmouser Says:

    You speak the truth! Of course, there will be a convoy of gas guzzling SUV’s at the airport to pick them up. I would love to see several bike racks there instead. They could say they are protecting Planet Earth and participating in physical fitness at the same time. What a great liberal statement this would make for all the Media to drool over. They are passing up a big opportunity here.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi m,

    What a great idea! Even better, if I may take the ball and run with it, would be for them to take their journey by sail boat. Think of the pollution that would prevent, not to mention keeping them out of our hair for a few months 😉 One has to wonder how many would survive the trip.

    the Grit

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