Chavez invites US politicians to visit!

Hi Brit,

For a good spell now I’ve been following the insanity of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and wasn’t really sure what to make of it.  However, it would seem that he is finally back on his meds, and is ready to make nice by inviting our politicians down for a visit, Chavez tells Washington to “go to hell”.  We can only hope Pelosi and the other top Democrats, now that they are in charge, will take the loon up on his offer, as soon as they get back from their junket to Iraq.  Heck, I bet they’ll have a lot in common.

the Grit

27 Responses to “Chavez invites US politicians to visit!”

  1. Brent Says:

    You bet. I’m sure the anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter will be having dinner with self-proclaimed leader-for-life, Hugo Chavez. Chavez is America’s enemy. Let’s see just how many liberals want to buddy around with America’s enemies!

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Nice of you to drop by. Of course, you know you made a little slip there. Liberals are America’s enemies 🙂 Oh, how they must be weeping that Castro is about to kick the bucket! Note that I would have said “buy the farm,” but it didn’t seem to fit the Communist theme I was shooting for.

    the Grit

  3. Brent Says:

    How about “seize the farm”? How’s that for fitting the theme?

    Why are people so blind as to the true intentions of liberals? Also, what is extremely disturbing to me, is how many liberals actually admit that they think that theoretically, communism isn’t such a bad idea.

    I doubt they’ll be thinking that when all of their work is for the collective.

    Oh, how ignorant so many people are.

    Ever notice how people like Clinton and Obama never actually directly answer questions? They say the same old crap every time –universal health care. Gee, that sounds a lot like communist Cuba to me. And we see how well that worked out for them right? If not for Cuba’s climate creating tourism, and now donations from Venezuela, it would be in complete shambles.

    Liberals are dangerous and assume that pacifism, appeasement, and capitulation will entice our enemies into loving us, rather than hating us enough to blow themselves up to kill us.

    Why can they not see how absurd and dangerous it is to make this assumption?

  4. sanityforsale Says:

    you two should stop blowing each other’s horn.

    And great one saying carter is anti-semetic! are people no allowed to criticise the israeli government?

    And then there is the whole zionism argument. yawn

  5. Brent Says:

    sanityforsale, obviously you are ignorant of Jimmy Carter’s hatred for the Jew.

  6. Dirk Says:

    Honk honk…

    Heck yeah, those darned liberals are going to ruin our great repvblic! Perhaps the world too. And if they try real hard, as they usually do, they may even wipe out the better part of the Milkyway galaxy. E’gads man, something must be done – and soon.

    Ah, but I have a solution. We can load up the ever increasing (no thanks to bush) number of liberals, and send them rocketing into the sun! That way, the sun gets an infusion of highly charged energy and we can use it as a way to control global population…

    But I am relieved that NASA is inking a deal with Lockheed and Boeing (i think) to build a new rocket – the Area 5! Perhaps they have the same idea as I do. Just shoot `em into the sun.

    Who needs liberals anyway? They almost always refuse to go fight, kill, and die for oil. WHERE WOULD AMERICA BE WITHOUT IT? Tell me… No wheresville, thats where. We need that oil man! I hope that soon we can start to project the US power into Iran too, that way, we get to (attempt) to control the #3 AND #2 largest oil producing nations! Good thing Saudi Arabia seems to be on our side right now or they will be next after Iran…

    Heck yeah.

    At any rate, thats just my 2 very staunch republican cents.

    Regards, Dirk

    By the by, this wordpress theme looks an auwful lot like the Kubrick theme made for the most excellent CMS in the universe (liberals notwithstanding – pray it isn’t destroyed) the mighty Drupal CMS. I almost get misty just to see the name.

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    While I like most of your plan, I would point out that liberals, being mostly fat cats, are highly combustible, and that number of them added to the sun might contribute to Global Warming. Oh, and having liberals in charge won’t threaten other planets, since they would much rather spend NASA’s budget on give away programs to buy more votes. Of course, the liberal elite are also interested in Arab oil, seeing as how they burn more of it than the average person, what with their private jets, palatial estates, and stretched limousines. It’s us common folk that are supposed to live like peasants.

    the Grit

  8. Dirk Says:

    Hello Grit,

    You make some very fine points there. I may have to go back to my drawing board and see if there is a better way to rid ourselves of this infestation of liberalism. What with liberals in charge of most educational facilities, we can’t hope to eliminate liberal philosophies through education.

    Ah but wait, perhaps I could write my senator and see if we can’t get a pro-conservative education bill pushed through congress that would effectively crush (through a complete ban) of all known liberals from being able to be employed at state funded educational institutions. With liberals taking all of our freedoms, the best policy would be one that reduces thier threat, right?


  9. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    Well, my plan is to make a trade deal with the EU. We’ll ship them our liberals in exchange for wine, beer, sports cars, and cheese. That way, not only do both sides get a good deal, but we’ll have room for all the illegal aliens coming up from Mexico.

    the Grit

  10. Dirk Says:

    Sheer genius Grit, sheer genius. Fast and effective and good for all parties. I could use a fast car and a fast woman (perhaps a Mexican woman seeing as how there would be so many – we’ll have lots to choose from)!

    We could ship the liberals in cargo containers so that one ship could carry perhaps even 100000 in one turn and the return trip could bring us the loot. Wow, kudos to you for that idea! If we shipped them 100000 at a time we could be rid of all liberals in as little as 1750 ships full. I can live with that.

    Of course what you may fail to consider is that we will also need more exercise equipment to help us work off the beer bellies. But hey, it’s worth it to me. We can trade a bit of cheese for more exercise equipment.


  11. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    Thank you for recognizing my obvious brilliance. However, I must point out that your estimate of the number of liberals in the US is a bit too high. Actually, it’s higher than the population of India, which is around 3 times the population of the United States. Considering that true liberals only make up about one fourth of our population, you are off by an order of magnitude.

    As to your remark about Mexican women, that’s racist enough to speak for itself. Are you sure you are not a liberal, Dirk? Truly, considering your racist attitude toward Hispanics and your poor math skills, I hope you are.

    the Grit

    PS please, Dirk, don’t make me taunt you into a quivering, sobbing, depressed heap, because I can, I will, and, much as I hate to admit it, I’ll enjoy it. If you want to stick around and make some rational comments, great! We love to have guests from all over and from all perspectives. While, being Southern, I’m inclined to treat any guest well, no matter how horrible they are, I have over come that handicap and will not hesitate to give you a written thrashing should you continue with this crap. So, Dirk, behave or suffer, it’s your choice.

    the Grit

  12. Dirk Says:

    Hmm… In lieu of your most taunting Grit, not to mention daunting, remarks I have to say that your offer of a written thrashing is worth being avoided – perhaps on another day when I am not so darned cunning. I DO want to give you a chance you know! I am for the people – and I assume you are a people of sorts (extra-terrestrials included) – atleast insofar as you speak a language that people can understand.

    As for your jibe about a “quivering heap”, I resent that to the fullest as my family and I are from a distant galaxy called (by your highly primitive – yet accurate – star charts) G-879-B3, and just happen to take the form of a highly gelatinous mass of quivering goo (unless it’s cold out then im alot like your semi-moist quik-crete cement)! Therefore, you MUST rescind your remarks or I shall be forced to use my space ship’s Hyper-Plex-Uber-Ray upon you… (and as I don’t know your exact position I would have to assume it is some place on Earth and hence the entire Earth must be destroyed). Surely you don’t want that on your consience do you? It is not something that I would like to do as it would drain the ship’s fusion drive for over 8 pecoseconds! And thats a big waste.

    As for the math skills I can only say that where I come from we use fuzzy numbers and hope for the best (trial and error is great – although that practice has had created a few minor difficulties along the way – a few ships from the fleet materialized in your sun after the hyper jump) We do find your human use of calculators amusing though. As I and my gooey cohorts will atest, 100000 liberals times 1750 ships comes out to only 1.75 billion liberals. That is far within the bounds of our estimates!

    Jokes aside, I do like Mexicans and Mexican food. And for the record, I am also a liberal (libertarian mostly). And I am NEVER intentionally racist.

    At any rate I must retire soon as a big day looms ahead. It has been good chatting with you though. Even though you are a conservative goon. =)

    Best regards, Dirk

  13. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    While I am sorry that I had to threaten you with taunting, I am also open minded enough to be your friend. So, if you have anything serious, or just plain funny, to say, email it to us, and we, assuming it meet our, obviously low, standards, we’ll post it.

    Oh, I should point out that I am not a conservative. I, trusting to my own abilities, am also a Libertarian. OK, sure, I registered as A Republican so I could vote in the primary, but (don’t spread this around please) I lied! So, while those I have caught trespassing on my farm may call me a goon, I really just want the Government to leave me alone. Until they do, I feel it is only just that I poke them with a virtual pointed stick.

    the Grit

  14. Brent Says:

    Can I be a conservative Libertarian? I’m not sure how else to describe my twisted mind. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

  15. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Have a go at it.

    the Grit

  16. Brent Says:

    Actually, I think I’m going to register as a Republican, so I can vote in the primary. I really think I may have found my candidate. He was on NBC’s Meet The Press yesterday. I was very impressed, and liked every single bit of what he said.

    I’m speaking of course about Mike Huckabee (Fmr. Gov. Ark -R).

    I’m pretty sure this guy is the real deal, and I do believe he will get the nomination.

    I’m also going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that Bill Richardson (Gov. NM -D) will be the Democrat nominee, not Hillary, not Obama, not Edwards, certainly not Gore. Remember when the press was in a frenzy over Dean, and Gephardt and look how that turned out?

    So my early prediction is a race between Huckabee and Richardson for the 2008 Presidential Race. I do believe my prediction is accurate. It will be a very close race, and I hope that Huckabee wins.

  17. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    That’s the main reason I’m registered as a Republican. As to my candidate of choice, I’m waiting for Rice to run.

    I believe the liberal press is having a tough time making up their collective mind between Clinton and Obama. They are required by the rules of PC to love them both. Still, I suspect Hillary, being evil and having more evil rich friends, will win out. Of course, Obama may be the Antichrist, which could give him an advantage.

    the Grit

  18. Dirk Says:

    Hello Grit,

    I am glad to hear that you are open minded on these issues. And I am relieved to hear that you are not solely a republican. A mix is always best. Who would want to live in a world with nothing but libs or cons? Not me, it takes all types.

    Also, I find it interesting that you say, and I quote: “So, if you have anything serious, or just plain funny, to say, email it to us, and we, assuming it meet our, obviously low, standards, we’ll post it.”

    I did find it odd that there would be no posting restrictions on your blog. I figured you just wanted everyone to be involved and to foster that warm and fuzzy feeling called community. If I am not supposed to post here just say the word and I will leave and never return. I respect you Grit. I can tell that you are a thinker and an Idea man. I harbor a belief that I am of the same type as well and for that I will respect your wishes.

    Also, if you are interested in getting a nice blogger site up and running that will allow you to moderate others posts (based on user roles) you should try looking into the Drupal CMS. There is a theme there called the Kubrick theme that is completely identical to this one in every resepect. I presume you are currently just using some service right (blogger etc…)?

    I am a programmer. I currently work with Drupal primarily. I am currently developing some software (eCommerce) that should be ready for sales in about three days that is developed off of Drupal. It really is the best CMS in the universe (no joke), even IBM says so. I can provide you the link if you are interested.

    Well let me know your verdict and it will be honored to the fullest extent of my humble abilities.

    Regards, Dirk

  19. Dirk Says:

    Duh, its wordpress. I am oblivious…

  20. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    Sorry I missed this earlier. Mondays are, shall we say, hectic? As to comments, we welcome all, except for the evil spamers. They, if there is a higher power, will burn is hell or a semblance thereof.

    As to comment rules, there is only one, if you make us, I will taunt you. For example, while the Brit and I are somewhat in doubt as to the validity of Global Warming, you can find tamino’s blog, which is totally devoted to proving the concept, in our blogroll. The same goes for TomCat and his blog. While we completely disagree on all things political, he has always been polite and friendly in all ways, just wrong 😉 This, besides just having fun, is what the Brit and I want to achieve; good conversation and good friends.

    the Grit

  21. Dirk Says:

    Glad to hear it Grit. I would have been depressed for ages if I would have been kicked!

    I will always do my best to play fair even by those who have poorly substantiated arguments (like to build straw men).

    Well, I have a bit O` work to do to prepare for the coming release of our second most venerable piece software to date.

    Best regards, Dirk

    By the by, do these wordpress sites not have user registration to keep jack a$$es like myself from coming and putting up long boring rants, mind numbing discussion on philosphy, or the most vile of all human creations, spam?

  22. Brent Says:

    Rice says she won’t run. I believe this to be the case, besides I think a step in a new direction is ultimately what the country wants and needs. This does not mean a step toward liberalism or electing a Democrat though.

    Huckabee reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan. Some have said he is like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

    I don’t think Hillary will get the nomination. Watch as time passes. Some dirt on her will be exposed and she will be ruined. This woman is evil.

    I believe Bill Richardson will get the nomination –don’t forget he will get most of the Hispanic vote. Not to mention he is somewhat of a moderate. Hillary is hated by a lot of people. Richardson will get the nomination and most likely will select Obama as his running mate. Now you have the Hispanic and Black vote. This is probably the best shot for the Dems to win the White House.

    However Huckabee will appeal to many on both sides of the aisle, as Reagan did. He will likely select Gingrich as his running mate. Now you have a good “real” conservative ticket.

    Huckabee will be the next president.

    I said it first. Remember my name –Brent Roos –two years from now, when the man is elected.

    Governors win the White House. It’s been that way for a long time now. Do you know who the last person to come directly from Congress, to win the White House was? It was JFK –50 years ago.

    Vote Huckabee .

  23. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Honestly, I haven’t researched the lesser known Republican candidates yet. However, if Newt is going to be on the ticket he should be at the top. As to Rice saying she won’t run, so did Oboma. For that matter, I seem to recall President Clinton making the same remark a long time ago. So, there is always hope 😉 We should know by the end of the year, during which period I expect Cheney to step down for “health” reasons and Rice will move up to VP. Time will tell.

    the Grit

  24. Brent Says:

    But Newt will not be nominated is the point I make. However, Huckabee, I believe, will ask him to run with him.

    Rice as VP? Perhaps if Cheney steps down, but I see this as unlikely. If Rice runs, it will change a lot of things, but I don’t think that she is prepared enough for this type of campaign (yet).

    Also, as much as I like Rice, she is still part of the Bush administration, which happens to bee seen as unpopular, even if it is exaggerated (which I do believe to be true).

    Huckabee will provide a breath of fresh air.

    By the way, Bush is in my city today, (Peoria). I just got to see the motorcade, and I’m going back out to brave the cold soon to see his departure as well. I know where to go to get closer now, and hopefully will get a wave from him.

    Also, I got to meet a Secret Service agent earlier today who was wondering why I was loitering on the motorcade’s path.

    Cool stuff!

  25. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Most cool! Good luck.

    the Grit

  26. Brent Says:

    Got a wave and a smile. Also got to see Air Force One take off from the Greater Peoria Regional Airport.

    There were a lot of other Bush supporters out in the cold too. What a fun day!

    I’ve got some photos (that still need to be downloaded and cropped), and I will try to post them all tomorrow, but I have another busy day so we’ll see. Tonight I am dead tired, and it’s only 9:00 PM. I don’t write as well when I’m tired, as I do when I’m freshly awake (and after two nice cups of coffee). I also covered a kooky liberal protest (3.5 hours after the president’s departure mind you). I will also be highlighting this. I’ve got some really good material to share soon.

    I’ll come back and let you know though.

    Here is a link to our local NBC affiliate which covered the President’s visit, along with streaming video of the speech he made for Caterpillar, Inc.

    Cheers to a good blog.


  27. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Sounds like fun, except that I hate crowds, and cold. I keep an eye on your site, so I’ll know when you put them up.

    the Grit

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