US Presidential race – confused

Hi Grit

I may be a little dense, but I am having real trouble working out who is doing what in the race to become your next President. Firstly people seem to jumping jumping on the band wagon. As far as I can see there are now three democrats involved, including Hilary Clinton. I have yet to catch up with who is running for the other side, but no doubt that will come to me in the next few days.

Also, it appears that everyone is leading on the same home policy, home care. Assuming that the Iraq situation is over by then, won’t this be just a little confusing for the electorate?

Oh I will also be looking to see how much money is being thrown at the election campaigns as well.

the Brit

3 Responses to “US Presidential race – confused”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    You are not dense, so far as I know 😉 However, this Presidential campaign is most unusual. It’s starting way early and there are lots of candidates and probably-will-be candidates. More than 3 on the Democratic side, I should point out. I’ll do a post tomorrow (I hope) to give us a basic players guide. What’s causing the weirdness is, mostly, the fact that Bush can’t run again and his Vice President, who normally would take a shot at the Oval Office, isn’t going to run. So the stops are all the way out, the throttle is wide open, all bets are off, and, for political junkies like me, a lot of sleep is going to be lost.

    Good times,
    the Grit

  2. theslowsteadydrip Says:

    If you looked in the dictionary under the word “confused” you would see my face. Join the club.

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi there

    Hopefully the Grit will bring some light onto the subject today 🙂

    the Brit

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