IPCC throws in the towel!

Hi Brit,

Great news!  The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change, the UN’s lap dog in the Global Warming scheme) has waved the white flag, Warming to raise seas for 1,000 years: U.N. draft.  It now seems that, regardless of what we do, the Global Warming fanatics have decided that it won’t be enough and everyone is going to die.  What a load off my mind!  Now we can instruct our Governments to ignore the twits, save trillions of dollars, and get on with our lives.  Of course, since the IPCC is going to release the report in Paris, France, there may be some doubts as to its accuracy, leaving us stuck with spending lives and treasure trying to solve a pretend problem by politically correct means.  Drat!

There is a funny bit in the article that makes it worth reading:

“The study, by a panel of 2,500 scientists who advise the United Nations, also says that dust from volcanic eruptions and air pollution seems to have braked warming in recent decades by reflecting sunlight back into space, scientific sources said.”

So, for those of you who buy into the Global Warming scam, rip those catalytic converters off your cars and start burning your trash in a barrel in the back yard.  Pollute to save the planet!  Of course, this also means that you can thank the Environmentalist Movement for Global Warming.

the Grit


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