A mystery solved!

Hi Brit,

I’ve been talking about the mysterious qualities of Barack Obama, the liberal Messiah, for a while now.  Mostly, I was wondering about what he really stands for, which seemed to be classified information, until now: Obama Calls for Universal Health Care.  Add that to this, keeping in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words,


and Obama’s true nature shines through.  No wonder the High and Mighty in Hollywood are fighting with one another to be the first to throw money at his feet!  Barack is a liberal’s liberal.  A man with more feelings than brains.  Someone who knows he has a destiny to be part of the elite, deciding what’s best for us common people, even though, you can bet, it’s not what’s best for Him and his Rich cronies.  With this revelation, it’s easy to see why Hillary has been cast aside.  Just like Hillary, Obama is liberal to the core and a minority.  Unlike Hillary, he doesn’t come across to the general public as an evil bitch.

the Grit


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