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The complaints against the BBC have been raging for years. Its charter is to provide public service broadcasting throughout the nation. It is funded purely by the public, with everyone who owns a TV set having to pay an annual fee of £131 (soon to be £151). However, since its inception the BBC has built a large organisations, which has at least 4 TV channels, numerous regional channels and a massive internet site. The development does give it edge over other media.

From a busines viewpoint one has to admire the way they have built their empire, and there is no doubt that the quality of their programmes is generally superior to the other media. 

Howevere, there is some merit in the complaints that the Guardian are making. There is a bias in the BBC against those who do not agree with their viewpoint and this is the way that they ensure control of controversial subjects, and to a certain extent sway political opinion.

the Brit

6 Responses to “The BBC”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Thanks. Now, are those the only broadcast channels? What about cable? Does the Government maintain tight control? Etc?

    the Grit

  2. Dave On Fire Says:

    Hi Grit,

    There are many other broadcast channels, some of which even rceive some public funding. They are all commercial, though, driven purely by profit motive, while the BBC simply has a remit to fulfill and money to do it with.

    As to its neutrality, it is indeed a tricky one. There are no guarantees that the BBC will be neutral, though in practise it usually does quite well. It’s all a matter of balance; the BBC is accused of being too subversive by the dominant powers-that-by, and of being too repressive by activists. In a similar debate in the BBC’s early years the corporation’s line was that if their coverage is criticised by both sides then they must be pretty much balanced. That stil holds.

    More importantly, most of the criticism of the BBC comes from the government (whose spin on the Iraq war was swallowed without chewing by everyone except the BBC), and the other media institutions (to whom the BBC is a rival). A lot of what is presented as serious debate is little more than one news company trying to detract from a rival. I’ve never heard anyone in Britain in real life take it very seriously.

    a different Brit

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks. That brings things more into focus. I have to say that, since the BBC brought us Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Are You Being Served (and many more which we get via our Public Broadcasting Service) I would not be at all adverse to our Government giving your Government a grant to keep up the good work. However, it would probably work out better all around if y’all would start a network here in the States, put on all your great shows, with commercials, and reap the profits. Not only would it keep us from having to foot the bill for what is, besides the British content, a crap channel, but y’all might be able to lower your TV tax.

    Drop by any time,
    the Grit

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dave,

    One more thing, thanks for adding to the burden of my daily routine! I just skipped over to your blog, and had to add it to my horribly over burdened reading schedule. Bite me 😉

    the Grit

  5. Dave On Fire Says:

    Hi Grit,

    On TV tax: it’s not a tax, collected by the government, but a licence. This may seem like hair-splitting, but it’s important because a central part of the BBC’s remit is independence from the government. And while we grumble for haing to pay anything, the TV licence is nowhere near as resented as, say, water fees and taxpayer subsidies to railway, as the BBC is generally seen as doing a good job while the water and train companies are often as corrupt as they are incompetent.

    As to your routine, sorry 😉 but then I only post once every few days. Your blog is not as easy to keep up with. lol. Thanks for the compliment anyway.


  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I keep trying to prod the Brit to open up on this sort of thing, but the ying / yang of our cultures is difficult to express, and fascinating because of it.

    As to keeping up with us on jabbering, good luck! Since I type faster than I read, you are at a serious disadvantage 😉

    the Grit

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