Paris Hilton Bubble Bath

Hey Grit

Paris Hilton is in the news again today – Twice! Firstly, a new website has opened up which is going to, apparently, show “racy” videos of the heiress, including one in a bubble bath. However, before everyone dashes to find it I should warn that the site is charging £21 ($42) for the priviledge. No doubt there will be some sad people out there who will fork out this exhorbitant amount.

Secondly, she has been fined and put on probation for two years after admitting a drink-driving offence. The reason she was out in the car was because she wanted a hamburger. Don’t you all have “take-away’s” over there?

the Brit.

5 Responses to “Paris Hilton Bubble Bath”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Cool, but out of my price range. However, if people want more Hilton exposure, this site has it (and they were nice enough to mention us)

    About “take-away’s” do you mean drive through or delivery?

    the Grit

  2. britandgrit Says:

    We use the term take away meaning they delivery to your door.

    the Brit

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Ah, just as I suspected. We, generally, don’t have that service, at least in these parts. You can get pizza or Asian foods delivered, but not burgers. That’s something to keep in mind if I ever open a restaurant.

    the Grit

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