Jade Goody goes Indian

Hi Grit

I know I said I would not post any more about Jade, but I thought you ought to know that the lady, accused of racism, is ready to pack her bags and take a visit to India. It would appear that she has been invited to visit the county to see for herself how the culture works over there.

It will be interesting to see how this trip works out for Jade. She is either going to find out exactly what it is like to be on the receiving end of racist attacks or, hopefully, the Indian people will accept her countless apologies and take the opportunity of mending a few bridges.

Whatever you views upon the lady, one has to give her credit for accepting her errors and making the attempt to redress the situation and make amends.

the Brit

5 Responses to “Jade Goody goes Indian”

  1. Philip Says:

    Errors? What errors? The preening Indian was never reprimanded for contemptuously mimicking an English accent, or for disparaging remarks about London women. No prizes for guessing what would have happened had Jade broken into a chorus of ‘Goodness, Gracious Me’ – a la Peter Sellers – or scoffed at ‘what they say’ about Delhi women. Jade wasn’t even a target here. White people were the target. Those who wish to turn the world into a borderless playground for rich families and corporations must first destroy the nation state and western culture. It is a war being prosecuted daily and mass immigration is the chief weapon, buttressed by race laws that give priority to the ‘rights’ of non-Whites so that from time to time it becomes necessary to remind Whites that as much as they might oppose their civilization being confiscated and its riches distributed among the world and his wife even the remotest expression of dissent will not be tolerated. Hence a story of ‘racism’ deliberately whipped up by a press curiously tolerant of black racism, such as we are encouraged to celebrate when it comes from ignoramuses like ‘P Diddy’, who chant semi-literate doggerel about killing homosexuals and raping White women. Jade Goody may be many things, but in this she is merely a sacrificial lamb. Begging forgiveness on the Indian sub-continent will get her nowhere either. Weakness invites contempt. Once they sense you’re on the back foot the press will never let up. She should have told them to shove it.

  2. Sunil Says:

    I hope you get well soon, Phil!

  3. Sunil Says:

    Brit&Grit, the story is dead in the Indian press after the Shilpa-Jade makeup episode, and especially after she’s been evicted. Jade got pissed and shot her mouth off with whatever came to mind, pure and simple. I think she’s being overly targeted for it.

    Phil, your rant about immigration is irrelevant here because Shilpa is visiting your country as a guest. But regardless, it tells a lot about you and makes me hope you do get better :). PS. To save you the trouble of another invective-filled rant directed at me this time, I don’t live in your country, have never visited and wouldn’t ever want to.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Phil

    I agree that there was some unfairness in the way Jade has been targetted. However, as Jade herself has considered that her behaviour from both a racist and bullying aspect, I think it does tell us that an apology was necessary and I do not believe that this in anyway demeans the position of “white” people.

    Hi Sunil

    My own opinion is that I thought it was a nice gesture for Jade to be invited to India. As you mention, we can all say things in the heat of the moment that we would later regret.

    The media are guilty of making financial mileage out of this incident. Let us hope that this is the end of the matter.

    the Brit

  5. Sunil Says:

    Brit, I agree. As an Indian, I feel a bit sorry for how she’s being hounded now, especially after she has apologized deeply to Shilpa and her parents.

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