Crime without penalty

I think that the UK justice system has just come undone. According to reports in the paper today, the UK judges are being asked by the government not to jail people guilty of criminal offences. No doubt they will soon be running a promotional campaign slogan “do the crime, don’t do the time.”

The prison service have announced that every available jail cell is full, and there is widespread overcrowding, with no possibility of housing anymore offenders. Even police cells are now packed to capacity. I wonder if they are considering giving our law enforcement officers a sabatical?

Also, this will show you how daft our government is. At the same time as issuing the above instructions to judges, they have also embarked upon a series of television adverts, which are supposed to warn people to keep their property safe. However, in doing this, the adverts show criminals exactly which is the easiest way to break into a house, where car radio facias are kept and how to pocket someone elses mobile phone.

Sometimes I sit in my cupboard in despair!

the Brit


One Response to “Crime without penalty”

  1. Jean-Paul Says:

    Merci pour votre merveilleux Children Boutique en ligne. Merci de partager ces renseignements utiles! Je reste votre fidele admirateur!)

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