Celebrities cause climate change!

Hi Brit,

While I have suspected this for a while now, finally there’s proof: The private jet set.  Sure, the Rich and Famous talk a fine game, and are quick to tell us common folk not to drive gas guzzling SUVs, but they don’t seem to have any problems zipping around in private jets.  You know, I can’t think of any mode of transportation that belches more CO2 per person mile than a jet.  For that matter, I seem to recall reading that almost all of our Congress people fly home every weekend and back to DC on Monday.  For the Speaker Lady, that’s several thousand high pollution miles.  It makes one wonder just how much of the Global Warming “problem” is actually caused by the very people who are so intent on making us sacrifice to fix it. 

So, I think the first thing Nanny Pelosi should do to prove her sincerity about stopping Climate Change, is to ban private ownership of aircraft.  She should also impose an “air miles” allotment scheme like they’re planning on doing for Carbon emissions.  Then, if the Rich and Famous want to live the jet set life, they’ll have to share some of that wealth.

the Grit

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