A jagged mountain of broken promises.

Hi Brit,

While I’m sure you’re used to broken promises from politicians, our Democratic Party is piling them up at a record pace: Tax Breaks Sidetrack Minimum Wage Bill.  Ah, and that was a keystone of the campaign that swept them into office.  One really has to wonder how they’ll look going into the 2008 elections.

the Grit


2 Responses to “A jagged mountain of broken promises.”

  1. bloggernista Says:

    Well Grit, I think the Dems will come out looking like the party of responsible and effective government when the kick GOP butt .

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi b,

    That’s going to be difficult if they can’t keep any of their 2006 campaign promises. Of course, there will always be those hard core supporters, like you, who can over look the Democrats’ faults, like Pelosi’s little political favor to Big Fish. However, I would think that, if they can’t even put a minimum wage increase on Bush’s desk, most people will see through the liberal hypocrisy, and actually look at the facts before they cast their vote. Hopefully, this will result in a sweeping victory for the Libertarian Party, but I doubt our luck is that good.

    the Grit

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