Sex scenes are unforgivable

Hi Grit

I fully endorse your outrage at the people who allowed such a pornographic event to be filmed. It seems to me that we are rapidly reaching the stage where there is no decency left in the world. In our criminal justice system, such events would constitute child sex abuse in any other environment, so why not this one?

What made me even more furious was the comment from the mother that the scenes had been “carefully choreographed.” This says to me that there was an audience to the filming itself, which I personally find dispicable. Why is it that this film is not causing uproar over there?

I hope that our censorship board in the UK has the good sense not to allow the film a certificate to be shown in this country.

The Brit

One Response to “Sex scenes are unforgivable”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    It’s not causing an uproar, yet, for two reasons. It’s “art.” It was made and shown by famous liberal types who seem to have a different set of rules than the rest of us. If it had been done by any conservative group or person, the press would be all over it like flies on a pile of poop in mid-summer, and the general public would be shouting loudly for their heads. There is definitely a double standard at play.

    the Grit

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