Jade Goody and racism – a puppet of Channel 4?

Hi Grit

I promise you this will be my last post on the Jade Goody saga. However, over the last day or so I have been given cause to wonder whether this whole episode has been manipulated. Let us take a step back from all the media hysteria and look at it from a business viewpoint for a moment, and see how the participants might have gained from it.


It is rumoured that the company, an organisation that specialises in TV reality and games shows, may be seeking a new owner. Prior to the incident that led to all of the media hype, the ratings for the show were not that brilliant. Viewer ratings were languishing at the high 2 million plus mark. Subsequent to the incident these ratings rose to nearly 6 million. So you have a show which is considered to be one of the most high profile in your portfolio, but ratings have been slipping over the past few series. What do you do? Add some controversy! Not only does that more than double your ratings but, by fortune or design (As Gordon Brown is visiting the nation of the victim at the time), puts it squarely into the political as well as the public arena.  Suddenly, the show becomes a world-wide phenomena, carried on every conceivable media there is. How much does that add to your corporations sales value?

Okay, they lost a £3 million sponsorship contract, but with an extra 2 million plus people attracted and a significant proportion of those voting, thus bringing addition income from mobile and landline calls, they probably made double that in the course of the last week in terms of phone call revenue.


With the globalisation of TV media, Channel 4, a terrestrial based media company, is paying catch-up with the four main competitors, which are BBC1, ITV and Channel Five. How does it steal a march on them in the ratings, and thus advertising war? Introduce controversy. The result is that viewers switch channels to find out what all the fuss is about? What does that say to advertisers? This is the place they want to be promoting their products.


Jane Goody – before coming into the show Jane Goody was worth in excess of £8 million. Some of her products have been withdrawn from retail shelves as a result of her actions, and other fees have been forfeited. But has she really lost? Firstly, she has been quick to apologise without making any attempt to defend her actions, which will help to restore some of her credibility. Secondly, the Indian government have invited her to experience the Indian culture first hand and, thirdly, her fame has been spread far and wide across the globe. Whether you love them or hate them, celebrities make news and, as a result, attract income from it.


I don’t condone what happened to Shilpa, far from it. However, prior to this incident Shilpa was relatively unknown outside of the Bollywood environment. As a result of this incident, she has achieved an extended international fame. If those who work for her are clever enough, they could capitalise on this situation.


Out of all those concerned, Danielle is the one who is likely to suffer the most. Having lost three contracts and her boyfriend, it will take some work for her to recover from this situation, although it is not impossible.

All of this makes one pose the question, was this a hoped for result when the producers picked the celebrities? It makes you wonder.

the Brit

11 Responses to “Jade Goody and racism – a puppet of Channel 4?”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    That’s an interesting take on the situation. Write about Jade all you want.

    Now, if they’d just do a reality show where all of our Presidential candidates share a mock up of the Oval Office for a week…

    the Grit

  2. Cathy Kent Says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, it looks exactly like a set up for all concerned, I notice they are still having auditions for BB8 so it remains alive and well. Let’s face it TV has become very boring over the last few years how many times can they run the film The Sound Of Music, everyone knows it by heart now. Also other films continue to be repeated endlessly. Now TV is into gambling and a million premium rate number shows. The X Factor is a total flop , where do the winners disappear to anyway – nowhere, Deal or No Deal is becoming boring , the boxes are there with fixed amounts in them so why the big surprise when they lose large sums of money, Millionaire is also a bore , the only shows that are any good are the well written ones like Without A Trace, Trial And Retribution and Waking The Dead, talking about waking the dead they should try it with TV, no one is watching, who cares really for endless repeats of Friends, I only like the Theme tune, even the Simpsons is falling flat. The Reality shows won’t last either they couldn’t get anymore celebs to go into the house after the Goody debacle and Dirk is so morbid , there is no spark there now, at least Jade made it interesting. Instead of worrying about the ratings war with celebs who can’t skate and singers and celebs again who can’t sing, they should worry about the future of TV itself, pretty soon the little BBC girl will be the most watched thing on , she’s not there now let’s bring the pattern back at least it’s watchable and costs nothing, bye bye TV.

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Cathy

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with you totally. Bring back the good solid dramas and quality entertainment programmes.

    the Brit

  4. emma fitton Says:

    i am just discusted in how jade goody has been treated. This whole situation has been thrown way out of proportion. There was no racist behaviour in the house , that argument would of hapened wether she was black or white. We all have to rember Shilpa could be difficult at times ,. and she is no Bully Victim nor is Jade a bully.
    Jade has been made out to be a nasty person when she is not , she has two children that she wants the best for and i dont beleive for one minute that she is racist
    We all need to step back in the world and realise there is worst things happening in teh world and leave Jade alone

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Emma, i totally agree with you, to be honest i was not a Jade fan before, but i feel so sorry for Jade now, this is sooooooooooo unecessary, the girl was on a reality tv show for godsake, what do people expect, the argument could have took place for anyone, not for one minute was it racial at all. Jade is a wonderful mother who has two beautiful children to look after, which you are all trying to make difficult for her, give the girl a break and her family. Also remeber the Jade’s PA programme – the winner was black – if Jade was really racist, (which she isn’t) would she really employ a Black person to look after her and her children. Get a Grip !

  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Emma and Lindsey

    As I mentioned in my post, one has to wonder who set this all up? The word media comes to mind.

    the Brit

  7. Lindsey Says:

    Hi Brit

    This is no set up.

    Buy Heat mag today ! The girl is in bits, her house has been trashed and she can hardly spend time with her children, because people have got nothing better to do than ruin her life, she is responsbile for herself, her mother and her two children, do people not realise how much harm they are causing her, she is moving hotels every two hours and has a bodyguard 24/07 and cannot see her childre, what lives do they have now.
    Can we not help her, let’s start a Help Jade Campaign, what do you think ?

  8. emma fitton Says:

    Lindsey , i totally agree with you,

    Brit , di you have any idea how we can get in touch with Jade , ie. write a letter or something , i feal i have to support the girl as her life is being torn apart, Please help us

  9. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Lindsay and Emma

    I will do some investigating over the next twenty four hours and let you know how to get in touch. Will post something here about it tomorrow evening (UK time). Will that help?

    the Brit

  10. emma fitton Says:

    hi brit , yes that would be perfect ,

    i have been trying my hardest to try and get a adress or website that i can write to.

    I will await your comments , thanks again

  11. britandgrit Says:

    Hi emma

    As promised, I have tried to find a contact for Jade but, unfortunately, she does not have her own website and I cannot locate her personal address. However, here are two suggestions.

    1) You could try to send an e-mail the place where she is being treated – roehampton@prioryhealthcare.com
    2) You could address an e-mail to channel 4 and ask them to pass it on – bbhelp@channel4.com

    Hope this helps.

    the Brit

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