Heresy! Some climate scientists not marching in step!

Hi Brit,

It would seem that we are at least partially correct in our opinion of Global Warming, Climate scientists feeling the heat.  It’s a lucky thing that I chanced across that article.  Since I have yet to watch AlGore’s propaganda film, I did not know that he was trying to blame hurricane Katrina on Global Warming!  What a crock.  Of course, since AlGore can’t recall taking all those donations from Buddhist nuns, or who actually invented the Internet, it’s hardly surprising that he can’t recall the devastating hurricanes of the 60s.  I guess he was too busy growing tobacco back then to follow the news.

And how about this:

“Pielke says he has felt pressure from his peers: A prominent scientist angrily accused him of being a skeptic, and a scientific journal editor asked him to “dampen” the message of a peer-reviewed paper to derail skeptics and business interests.”

Could it be that there is too much money being thrown at this field?  Is the quest for funding replacing the quest for knowledge? 

the Grit


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  1. dmv Says:


    Reviews of dmv.

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