Wii is the new diet.

Hi Grit

It seems that the Japanese have found a new weight reducing diet that does not involve any adjustment to food intake. It is called the Wii. A man in Philadelphia has lost 9 pounds (4kgs) after experimenting for six weeks, using the Wii for 15 minutes a day. During that time he made no change at all to his diet. In addition of course, the exercise makes you fitter.

However, against this one has to weigh the cost, which according to one site, seems to centre around the safety harnesses that have broken sending the equipment flying through the air, often impacting with costly plasma TV’s and, what is worse, causing physical damage to the users.

It appears to me that if you want to lose weight without dieting, the Wii is the way to go, as long as you do not mind the prospect of a black eye or worse, and the replacement of household goods is not a problem.

the Brit

3 Responses to “Wii is the new diet.”

  1. plasma Says:

    I think using the Wii is indeed good exercise.. 15 minutes of use can start u sweating

  2. Jardini Says:

    Wii can get you tired, especially the boxing and tennis great work out 🙂

  3. hoodia Says:


    How add your site to technorats?

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