The race for ’08 starting a bit early.

Hi Brit,

Since the campaign to be President in 2008 is starting a bit early, like a year early, we may as well start keeping track of the players.  Considering more Democrats have thrown their pleas for contributions into the ring, let’s start with them.

Barack Obama, man of mystery and little experience (7 years as a state senator and less than one term as US Senator) who’s early years are carefully left mentioned by the liberal press.  The candidate has been cautious about discussing anything of importance, including his stand on political issues.  We do know, however, that he is a fan of the Bears (American football team) and that there is a minor scandal, Barackwater, that may haunt him later.  Considering the trend in US political races toward massive amounts of negative campaign ads, Barack’s lack of history may be a valuable thing.  Oh, and you’re going to hear his middle name a lot, that being Hussein, as in Saddam Hussein.

Hillary Clinton.  Whitewater.  Socialized medicine.  Dead lawyer.  Monica.  Bill.  Scandal, scandal, scandal, and they’re all going to come back.  Besides, almost as many people hate her as hate Bush.  Still, she’s evil and conniving enough to have a shot at the Big Prize.  Plus, she’s got that selling her soul to the Devil thing going.

Bill Richardson.  Currently Governor of New Mexico, which is appropriate since he’s Hispanic, whatever the heck that means.  Of course, Mexicans are also said to be Hispanic, and, given our insane illegal immigration problem, this isn’t going to be a check in his plus column.  He also carries a good deal of baggage from his days as President Clinton’s minion.  Good luck Bill, because that’s the only chance you have.

Dennis Kucinich, who cares?  Sorry, I really don’t know much about Dennis, except that he is a US Representative, he’s run for President before, he’s short, and he’s so funny looking that I can never hear what he says because I’m laughing so hard.  If he does a lot of radio spots, who knows, the Hobbit vote may propel him to single digits in the primary.

That should be more than enough to get us started. 

the Grit

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