Jade Goody admits Big Brother offences – Danielle Lloyd a loser too.

jade.jpgHi Grit

As expected, the Jade Goody “Big Brother” story has continued this weekend. In an interview with the News of the world, the evicted housemate has admitted that her actions were both bullying and racist. She has apologised again for them and stated that she would be seeking to put the matter right.

The cost of this incident to the two main protagonists is continuing to climb. Jade Goody is not being paid for the interview, and the fee of £50,000 plus the £50,000 she was paid to enter the house is being given to charities chosen by Shilpa. Danielle Lloyd, on top of a lucrative £100,000 plus contract has lost two more modelling contracts. Not only that, her boyfriend Teddy Sherringham, a famous footballer, has dumped her, wanting her out of his life and mansion.

It has been a really bad week for these two.

the Brit


17 Responses to “Jade Goody admits Big Brother offences – Danielle Lloyd a loser too.”

  1. Jayne Scott Says:

    There you go! Top of the news………oh dear 😦

    Do you yhink the ‘donations’ will make it all go away? We can only hope!

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Jayne

    Something will knock it off top spot soon.

    the Brit

  3. Jayne Scott Says:

    Well let’s just hope it’s something equally trivial – better that I suppose than an earthquake or similar 🙂

    What about the gales in the UK? Can’t help thinking that UK weather is being a little strange this year? More ‘end of the world’ stuff perhaps?

  4. sarah Says:

    I feel really sorry for Jade Goody it was an argument thats it everyone argues its just been missinterpreted because of shilpa’s nationality poor shilpa even admited Jade wernt Racist so what is the problem??!!
    what about when jermaine called jade “white trash” isnt that racist, well if i could give a message to Jade it would be stay strong you have done nothing wrong.

  5. osama bin laden Says:

    Jade Goody, Jo (the Dog), and Danielle (the crows feet) are all racists bitches.

    Thank god, that people are dropping them like flies.

    They are pure evil (like me actually).

    Bye for now (p.s. Dont be around on 7-7-7)

  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi osama,

    And I am quite pleased to have you as a guest. (die you religious fascist monster) I’m very happy that you share my distaste for the evil racist slut, Jade Goody! (May you die slowly after finding out your Father was infertile due to acquiring a sexual disease from his Brother while still a child and you were conceived only after your Mother had sex with a camel)

    Don’t be a stranger,
    the Grit

  7. emma fitton Says:

    osama , you disgust me. Shilpa is a fake and a foney. She is playing on the fact that she is indian. Jade has done nothing wrong she is not a racist at all. Shilpa needs to go away and stop annoying people. I think the term racist has been made into the point were everything we are saying is racist

  8. ragino Says:

    Emma Fitton, please stop your mumbling now. one racist is more then enough. we do not need another one like you. being a white businessman who travels around the world, it’s a shame to admit i am from the same country as jade goody. from your tone of voice, it looks like you are born and bought up in jade’s neighbourhood.

  9. milind Says:

    Everyone thinks danielle is stupid. I found a link to an interview she had done for askmen magzine that really explains it all.

    quote ‘Q-1:Is it hard to be taken seriously as a beautiful woman?
    Um, no I think I do get taken seriously, but I do act a little bit silly at times cos I think that people like the vulnerable side. But I know that I’m really putting that on, that I am actually quite intelligent, but it’s good to have people think I’m vulnerable… cos I think some people, especially men, they like women to be a little bit vulnerable. They like them to be — like, I know my boyfriend likes me being silly sometimes; acting as if I’m silly, but really he knows I’m not. He thinks it’s fun. I pretend, you know?

    But um, I think I’m more intelligent when I’m in front of the camera. You know? That’s me professional… I’m more professional when I’m on the job. But when I’m at home, I can just sort of… be a bit more meself and be a bit more silly. But I’ve had quite a few people in the industry think that I’m not clever, who think I don’t know about things, and then, you know, you can hit them where you’re like, “No, well, actually…” I’ve learned a lot in the past year so I feel.. I’m quite intelligent with what I do. And I think that shocks people.’

    there is a lot more explanations in that interview, here’s the link


    ‘Danielle Lloyd is an excellent poker player. She came in second in the UK Poker Open, and she apparently is really good at bluffing.’

  10. britandgrit Says:

    Hi MiLind

    Thanks for the info. Lot’s more to come no doubt.

    the Brit

  11. Lindsey Says:

    Ragino – man – whatver you are, take a step back, this chat does not need people like you ” an all over the world business man ” giving your unvaluable views, we are reality people, everyday people, like the show BB, unlike you, a high-flyer, thus we have more in common and more understanding of these people, no we are not racist, i am certainly not, emma fitton is certainly not, so as you are not on par with us every day people go and attend some more business meetings and mumble some nonsense …

  12. Tammy RH P.E lover Says:

    hello! jade goody said one racsist comment, everyone should think about what they are saying about jade, she and shipla made up in the house didnt they? she went to india and appologised didnt she? i mean come on we are all ingnoring the fact that jamaine also was just as racist “white trash” wasnt it?
    didnt nobody notice what he said? or does that not matter?
    dont worry jade you have done everything you could have done and it takes guts to go to india and appoligise, WELL DONE!!!!!!, i bet shipla is loving the attention!!!!! think about it, who agrees wid me?

  13. sarah Says:


  14. artist Says:

    the media is being racist towards jade. One way, the only way for jade to escape this racism rap. Is for her for once in her life to acknowledge her black side. she needs to goto the carribean and make it very clear to the media that she knows that she is black. To many people it is obvious just by looking at her and hearing how she speaks. But she was brought up white in some ways. I think that she is being scorned by her family right now. If Jade were to embrace her blackness. she would have a lot of allies an would be embraced. It also would make the media have a harder time pinning the racism rap on her. Because her position can be that thye are making her the fall guy because she is black. Which looks to be true. The comments about her looking like a “pig” and other racist statments is quite serious. the indian woman was very classist and racist. Jade was not racist. However i view Jo as ignorant. Te real racist was danielle. why hasn’tthe media attacked her like Jade? Could it be a class issue?

    solution: Jade needs to accept being black and know what it means to be just that. Then she will be free of all of this crap. She should come to America and talk with master P, Hallberry or somebody or some other mixrace/black person.

  15. the Brit Says:

    Don’t believe any of them were being racists. Just big bullies. Even so, such behavious is unacceptable from “adults”. It was almost manic.

  16. The Wasabi Monks of Venus Says:

    Jade Goody doesn’t look like a pig because she’s partly Caribbean. Most people in the Caribbean don’t look like pigs, they look like people. Jade Goody looks like a pig because she is one; like a RL Miss PIggy, who thinks she is terribly cultivated and glamorous, but nonetheless is and remains A Pig.

  17. Marsha Byrne Says:

    Very interesting post! Truely!

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