Tax revolt or just revolting?

Hi Brit,

While we don’t get hit up for quite as much money by our Governments as y’all do, some people still feel it too much.  This guy is taking his opinion on the subject to extremes, N.H. Tax Evader Prepares for Raid.  While I can certainly empathize with Mr. Brown, who hasn’t wanted to give the Tax Man a taste of hot lead, there is something seedy about this incident that leads me to believe all the facts aren’t in yet.  Of course, I feel strongly that one’s home should never be taxed, otherwise you’re just renting it from the Government.  For that matter, why should retired people have to pay taxes?  In case you don’t know, our Government, back during the Clinton Administration, started taxing Social Security payments!  You want to talk about insane laws, that one has to be high in the discussion.  However, that’s what all too often passes for logic among liberals.

the Grit


2 Responses to “Tax revolt or just revolting?”

  1. theslowsteadydrip Says:

    Good Post, I also think our government starting shoot people for not paying taxes under Bill Clinton (remember Janet Reno and Waco & Ruby Ridge).

    What this guy could do is:
    1) Lay in the sun and get a good tan. Then he can make pretend he is a Mexican. Then he will never have to pay taxes again.
    2) Claim his home is a church and seek sanctuary in it like “Elvira” the illegal alien is doing in Chicago (she has a deportation order against her).
    3)Or more realistically, get a bullet proof vest and gas mask… He is not the “right flavor” to get over.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi t,

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh. However, I suspect this guy already has option 3 taken care of. As I recall either the story or the coverage on Fox news mentioned that he was in a militia. I’d bet good money he has more than just the vest and mask.

    As to Ruby Ridge and Waco, those weren’t about taxes. Waco was about religious intolerance, with a cover story about weapons charges. Ruby Ridge was, heck I can’t remember at the moment, but they used illegal weapons as an excuse there as well. Of course, any sane reading of the Constitution shows the Government is not supposed to have the power to make any weapon illegal, not that that ever stops them.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    the Grit

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