Jade Goody headline news

Hi Grit

Despite her eviction from the Big Brother house last night, and her subsequent comment that she was “disguested” with her behaviour in the racism/bullying incident, Jade Goody continues to hog a fair proportion of the newspaper headlines this morning, as journalists and others try to analyse what went on.

Some are suggesting that the production company engineered the incident, with more than sixty percent saying that they should have stepped in to stop it. The Telegraph carries no less than four articles associated with the show, including one that suggests the row was fired by class hatred rather than racism. The Sun carries six articles about the subject, including a story about an invitation to India for Goody. The story has even appeared in the Financial Times. Of course, the story featured on every news show last night and, as mentioned earlier, Gordon Brown is in on the act again, hinting that the Indian lady should win.

It has certainly cost Jade Goody a lot of her previously gained affection from the public, and loss of income for her and Danielle, one of the other housemates, but on the other side of the coin she has achieved international recognition.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Jade can do to recover from this situation.

the Brit


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