The last straw for the UN?

Hi Brit,

From time to time we’ve mentioned just how incompetent, wasteful, and corrupt the United Nations is, however, this bit of breaking news will either sink them or get swept under the carpet like the Oil For Food scheme, U.S. State Department Reveals North Korea’s Misuse of U.N. Development Program Funds and Operations.  Another view on the situation, with more background information is, UNDP’s North Korea Scandal, Just a Tip of the Iceberg, Opens Window on Larger Problems.  What great folks we have there in the Big Apple, apparently giving millions of dollars to Kim Jong Il, the tiny dictator who is trying to build nuclear weapons, and not knowing what he’s spending it on.  The question remains, was he blowing it on his legion of sex slaves, whiskey, cigars, his A-bomb program, or all of them?  The good, yet sad, news is that the UN is wasting more on it’s new luxury club house than they’re slipping to the Hitler want-to-be in North Korea, at least, that we know about at the moment.  While we’re at it, considering how well the UN liked President Clinton, that it was Clinton who accepted the nuclear site inspection deal that let North Korea keep working on bombs, Bill’s willingness to accept foreign money in exchange for political favors, and this latest exchange of currency, perhaps someone should look for a Clinton connection?

the Grit

15 Responses to “The last straw for the UN?”

  1. gary Says:

    My feeling is that it’s time for DRASTIC reform. I do believe there’s a need for global dialog, but the UN is not getting the work done. I propose this instead:

    Does anyone have a better idea?


  2. Herbesse Says:

    Will this make my Kofi Annan stocks on trendio rise?

  3. booted cat Says:

    I recommend this short movie mocking Kim Jong Il and his secret agent buying Hennessy XO wine from Chinese black market :=)

  4. gary Says:

    Guess not.


  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi all,

    I thought I replied to this yesterday, but something went wrong.


    The concept of kicking non-democracies out of the UN, or starting our own club, is interesting. However, much of the corruption in the existing organization comes from democratic countries, like France being bought by Saddam. Besides, as the old saying goes (I think?) “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

    the Grit

  6. gary Says:

    britandgrit, I never said a strictly democratic gathering of nations would be immune from corruption. Not once. I did however say this in the proposal:

    Transparency – To reduce the opportunity for corruption the UDN will operate in full transparency. All meetings will be broadcast in real time over the internet, all financial accounting will be made public, and all activities will be carried out openly. A lack of secrecy will at times hinder operations, but this sacrifice is deemed necessary for the greater good of the organization.

    I hope that addresses your concern. If not, what do you propose?


  7. fadi420 Says:


  8. gary Says:


    Yes, please do. I would be interested in your solution.


  9. britandgrit Says:

    Hi gary,

    The solution as I see it is to cut the funding for the UN until theres not enough money floating around to be tempting.

    Hi fadi420,

    First, please don’t shout. Second, considering the long list of UN resolutions against Israel, I don’t see the connection. Now, if you want to replace “Israel” with “France,” that’s a different story.

    the Grit

  10. gary Says:


    But it about much more than just corruption. It’s about an arbitrary group of nations called the Security Council which includes nations like France (20th in population), but not India (2nd in population). It’s about allowing a dictator to set equally with democracies, making pronouncement from behind the CHINA nameplate even though he does NOT represent the people of China. So the reforms need to go much further than just preventing criminal activities.


  11. britandgrit Says:

    Hi gary,

    All too true. However, there have to be checks and balances to government. In the UN, they reflect the power balance at the end of WWII, which, I admit, is stupid considering the way things are in the world today. Still, giving representation in a world government based on a country’s ability to breed, is insane. Perhaps a system based on GDP? That would allow us to ignore a nation’s inability to control their population growth, and, since most dictatorships are not that productive, reduce their input as well.

    the Grit

  12. gary Says:


    > giving representation in a world government based on a country’s ability to breed, is insane.

    I agree. In many ways overpopulation is one of our greatest problems, even though our leadership won’t even discuss the topic. Just for the record my proposal is not based on population – I hope you didn’t get that impression.

    GDP? I thought about that, but such a system may have problems as well. A small oil-rich country shouldn’t necessarily have more representation than a larger country based on, say, agriculture. At least it doesn’t seem like a fair system to me. So until we find a better system I’m calling for the one representative per country, with the added constraint that members must be sufficiently democratic.


  13. britandgrit Says:

    Hi gary,

    One vote per country isn’t an accurate representation of the world either. That makes Malta as important as India. Still, how to change the UN into a functional and useful organization is an interesting challenge. I’ll post on that soon.

    the Grit

  14. gary Says:


    > One vote per country isn’t an accurate representation of the world either. That makes Malta as important as India.

    I agree.

    I look forward to your post on the subject! Please drop me a link so I don’t accidentally miss it.


  15. britandgrit Says:

    Hi gary,

    It may be a day or two. Today has been more hectic than usual, so I’m running behind. I’ll certainly link the post to you.

    the Grit

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