Smoking detectives

Hi Grit

I have been meaning to respond to your post about smoking  Nazi’s, but needed to check whether I could use the word 🙂

For those who wish to ban smoking in cars over there, they should take a leaf or two out of the UK laws. In a unique application the police can charge parents who are smoking in their cars with mistreatment of the child, or of course failing in their parental duties. With regard to people simply smoking in the car, they can of course be charged with driving without due care. Of course the latter route can also be used for eating, sneezing, singing, changing CD’s and talking to your partner. One can of course be fined and/or jailed for these offences.

Of course this does help those who wish to break the habit of smoking, excess consumption of food, parenting, spreading infectious diseases, vocal abuse and noise excess. The only difficulty, at least for the ladies, is that it will threaten their record of speaking 8,000 words a day.

I assume that we are heading to a situation where unless you have had a recent haircut, manicure, shave and are wearing a shirt and tie, you will not be able to drive at all. By the way, one cannot escape the long eye of the law or blame it on someone else, now that we have face recognition camera traps.

the Brit 

3 Responses to “Smoking detectives”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    We had the start of that over here a few years ago, when the Supreme Court, in their ultimate blind justice number, decided that our local police could set up random road blocks for the sole purpose of catching people who may have had a few too many drinks. I expect, any day, the order to wear our underwear on the outside so it can be more easily inspected for freshness.

    the Grit

  2. Jayne Scott Says:

    We’re way ahead of you here in Zambia – smoking, eating and drinking while driving were banned along with using a cell phone about two years ago. I don’t see it makes much difference – most drivers here are so awful anyway. More than half never even passed a driving test – they just paid the fee and collected their licence!

    Maybe they should be looking at the more important aspects of driving (like actually being able to!) before they worry about whether you are munching a meat pie on route or not!

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Jayne,

    I suspect you’re right. Speaking of driving tests, our local test is a 20 question multiple choice thing and one lap around the parking lot with a police officer riding with you. I feel so safe on our roads.

    the Grit

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