A weatherman hits back!

Hi Brit,

Yesterday, I mentioned that some Global Warming fanatic at the Weather Channel was advocating that meteorologists who don’t accept Global Warming as absolute fact should loose their licenses, Global Warming – science or religion?.  Well, apparently I’m not the only one who thought that was an interesting story.  Here’s one by an actual weatherman, “The Weather Channel” Mess.  Warning, it’s not something the Faithful are going to like.  Also note that, since Drudge put a link to it, they’ve had to make a separate static post to handle the traffic. 

the Grit


2 Responses to “A weatherman hits back!”

  1. tamino Says:

    As you’re well aware, I firmly believe global warming is real, and dangerous. And reading the post, I found the “scientific” arguments against it to be rather infantile.

    That said, I disagree with the policy of revoking certification for meteorologists who disbelieve global warming. As we often say, climate is not weather. Refusal to accept climate science does not invalidate one’s ability to do an accurate, and useful, weather forecast.

    I think the weather channel’s recommendation merely adds to the politicization of the issue, and certainly raises the emotional level to “fever pitch” (not a bad pun!). We need “cool heads” (I’m on a roll!) at a time like this. Also, one should not interfere with the right of each individual to decide his own beliefs, right or wrong, especially by threatening the individual’s livelihood. Honestly, I think it makes my side of the discussion look bad.

    Meteorologists should be certified based on their ability to report on weather, not climate.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi tamino,

    All too true. Personally, I’m still looking at the science, which is much more complicated than one would expect. While I’m a bit rusty in the statistics area, I did attend engineering school and minored in math on the side (years and years ago,) and I am struggling to wade through all of it. Somehow, I strongly doubt the politicians on either side of the issue really know what they are talking about, yet, as on many things, they are all too happy to legislate our lives on the advice of others or simply based on the tide of public opinion.

    Keep up the good work over at Open Mind,
    the Grit

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