Global Warming – science or religion? Part II

Hi Brit,

I’ve accepted my fate today, and realize that this topic just won’t die.  How could I possibly resist this: U.S. scientists, evangelicals join global warming fight?  The Universe obviously wants me to taunt these people, and who am I to argue?  This quote should be a good place to start.

“We agree not only that reckless human activity has imperiled the Earth — especially the unsustainable and short-sighted lifestyles and public policies or our own nation — but also that we share a profound moral obligation to work together to call our nation, and other nations, to the kind of dramatic change urgently required in our day,” the group said.

Well, God has spoken (or the voices in their heads are unusually loud today.)  The story doesn’t mention it, but I suspect the letters they sent to our politicians were chiseled on stone tablets.  That would be expensive if they sent them by FedEx.  Oh well, back to being hunter-gatherers, which is what this group of twits seem to be advocating.  Good thing I live in an area with a mild climate and plenty of wild food.  Of course, if I have to start chunking rocks at squirrels to get my dinner, the animal rights fanatics are going to get mighty upset.  That’ll be nothing compared to how the feminists will feel when these Righteous Ones insist on putting women back in their place, which I have no doubt is on their Devinne agenda.  Oh, and I suspect the scientists in question will be just a tiny bit sorry when the Faithful get the chance to go Medieval on them.  Remember Galileo?  You’ve got to love the Universe, for its sense of humor if nothing else.

the Grit


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