Breaking news, Muslims unhappy!

Hi Brit,

I saw this:

 Muslims Unhappy Over `24′ Portrayal

and it got me to thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking, sometimes it’s a slow process for me.  It occurs to me that I, best I can recall, have never seen anything, anywhere, about something making Muslims happy.  Oh, wait, I did see one short video clip where some Muslims were dancing in the street after seeing film of the World Trade Center collapsing.  Oh, and that train of thought made me remember that some of them seemed to be happy when the US troops pulled down that giant statue of Saddam.  So, could it be that large structures falling over is what it takes for people of this faith to have a brief joyful moment?  I’ll fire off an email to the writers at 24 with this information.

the Grit


2 Responses to “Breaking news, Muslims unhappy!”

  1. Oscarandre Says:

    Why o why can’t they be happy like us – why can’t they just get out there and buy stuff!?

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Oscarandre,

    Perhaps that’s the problem in Iraq. Instead of schools and hospitals, we should have built shopping malls!

    the Grit

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