Big Brother creates international incident

Hi Grit

It appears that we do not need politicians to create international incidents. All you need is a UK TV programme called “Big Brother.” Over the past few days three of the female housemates have ganged up against a fourth, an indian actress called Shilpa Shetty, in what tens of thousands are calling a racist attack.

The protests have spilled over into the streets of India. Whilst our politicians are denouncing the incident, it looks as though the Indian government are taking it very seriously, considering what action to take. It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few days.

the Brit

4 Responses to “Big Brother creates international incident”

  1. little indian Says:

    This has brought home to people in India, that prejudices towards colour or third world country is still common in certain countries.

    For those Indians (and other developing countries) who have looked out to the ‘west’ on issues of human rights, its time to have a rethink.

    Racism is not just the neo-nazi groups goose-stepping through city-centres; its the ‘not in my backyard’ attitude that a lot of people have and are reluctant to admit.

    “I am not a racist”, is oft proclaimed, till it comes to “but not in my house, family, street, neighbourhood, or country”.

    As long as their difference in skin tones, racial prejudices can never go away.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Little Indian

    As you say, it is an issue that needs to be addressed and, when actions such as these take place, it does not help that cause.

    I hope you are aware that racism is not an issue with many of us Brits and that we are equally offended when it happens.

    the Brit

  3. little indian Says:

    You say, its not an issue with many British people. I agree with you.

    But there-in lies the problem.
    1. How large or how few are these ‘many’?
    2. How many of these ‘many’ will actively stand up to denounce racism and / or protect the victims.

    Would you? If yes, you are an exception.

    At times it is not just good enough for one to say it is not a personal issue, but turn away when witnessing discrimination. Passive discrimination is no less an offense than active discrimination.

    That is the main issue that needs to be addressed. Not just reduce the number of people who are prejudiced, but increase the number who will resist and protest on behalf of the victims.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Little Indian

    I agree with you. Yes I personally would stand and be counted. In addition, if you read the UK papers, over 30,000 people have complained about the programme, and it has been denounced by the shows sponsors, who have pulled out and in Parliament. Thus, there has been an active response to the issue.

    the Brit

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