Scottish Independence

scottish-flag.jpgHi Grit

A bit of background my friend. On the 1st May 1707, the Scottish people signed to join the union. All was seen to be happiness and happiness and hugging. They benefitted from our industrial wealth, although they still kept that little bit of celtic individuality.

Thus, everything went well as we moved through the ages, fought off the horrible people from the hinterland twice and moved towards the information era. However, unbeknown to us, the era of oil exploration was beginning to light some ideas in the minds of those few Scottish people who thought the English were beneath them. Whisperings began to rumble in dark corners of the Scottish drinking troughs.

Then some bright spark decided that, as a lot of the oil was being dug out of the North Sea, which was close to their coastline, wouldn’t it be a good idea if they could control it all. This despite the fact that English companies did the exploration. So began the fight for a return to independence, which was achieved, in limited fashion, a few years ago.

The rumblings have continued ever since, as they now wish total independence. So you may well be right. Our land might return to the days of battling between the Scots and English, throwing buckets of burning oil at each other. Of course, the UN will have to step in, if only to stop us wasting a precious fuel resource.

An aside. Our Royal mint, which makes all  the coins, has chosen this year to make a celebration coin to mark the 300th anniversary of the union. Seems like a waste to me.

the Brit

9 Responses to “Scottish Independence”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    I see. Once again the root of all evil, oil, rears it’s ugly head.

    the Grit

  2. Andrew Dodds Says:

    Pity most of it has gone now..

    On one hand, the North sea was a superb example of technology applied to a very tough problem (Getting oil out from under deep and very stormy waters). On the other hand, we managed to sell most of in the 1985-99 cheap oil window. Oops.

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Andrew

    Must be why we recently did a deal with Norway to supply us with fuels.

    the Brit

  4. scotslassie Says:

    May I point out that the Scots have been trying to get out of this Union a lot longer than the oil has been around! And there is a lot left and gas too.
    But ‘Home Rule’ was on the agenda a long time ago and there was a move in 1914 to do something, but that date should tell you lots. The National Party was started 1926 and the Scottish Party about the sam time and they amalgamated in the 1930s!
    So a long time before oil indeed!

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Scotslassie

    Thank you for your comments. Whilst I accept that there were an element of the Scottish population that wanted “Home Rule” over the years, it only became a real election force in 1970. “The discovery of oil in Scottish Water was of enormous significance, and the SNP ran the very effective “It’s Scotland’s Oil” campaign, which removed the doubts about the economic viability of an independent Scotland.”

    the brit

  6. scotslassie Says:

    Sorry I lost you for a bit! Actually there were quite a number of significant dates before the 1970s you know. Robert McIntyre in 1945 and Winnie Ewing being the best known probably.
    The oils, of course spawned the big lie and cover up or whatever you like to call it. Under the 30 year rule it showed up very recently that this was a gigantic whopper

  7. scotslassie Says:

    Just wondering what you are making of the situation in Scotland as we approach the Scottish Elections?
    A lot of the stuff on youtube site is VERY revealing (find sweet litle lies) and if you want a balanced view of the situation visit as opposed to the media controlled by ‘vested’ interests, like Labour and Tory ie Unionists.
    For questions re the so-called subsidies, but a bit ‘academic’ visit
    Keep an open mind and be informed.

  8. scotslassie Says:

    Here is the Sweet Little Lies link

    Enjoy and understand!

  9. Jonathan Rawle's Website Says:

    An independent Scotland could “free ride”

    The BBC’s economics editor, Evan Davis, has a good article in his blog on the economics of Scottish independence. He basically states that the revenue from North Sea oil and gas an independent Scotland would enjoy equals the funding it currently …

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