Once again the UN has its hand out

Hi Brit,

Since y’all are mentioned, and not so kindly, in this one, I figured you might be interested: 

UN says rich should stump up more for disaster aid.

While I won’t speak for England, I would point out a few things from a US point of view:

1.  Considering that Kofi Annan was still in charge at the time, why would anyone give anything since it would most likely just go straight to the bank accounts of him and his cronies?

2.  Our citizens, without the need for the UN or our Government to direct things, cough up more than $4 billion every year on their own.

3.  The UN is spending almost that much to redecorate its club house, toward which stupid project the US is giving a good bit.  If the bloated bureaucrats at the UN want to help disaster victims, I’m sure we won’t protest if you direct the decorating cash in that direction.

4.  Since the nations mentioned that are going to pay more than the US also don’t need to spend squat on their military forces, benefiting from decades of US protection, I would bet that, if the UN wants to take over the task, we’ll be glad to match their donations, at a tremendous savings to ourselves.

5.  The UN, as a group, can kiss my ass.

the Grit

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