Another year, another portent.

Hi Brit,

Here we go!  Climate change to dominate Davos meeting, where the world’s high and mighty will party hardy and decide the fate of we tiny folk for the coming year.  I notice that there are no climate scientists on the list, while there are some unnamed rock stars.  Well, when you’re making decisions that have the potential to kill billions of people, you get the best advice possible.  Wait, I just noticed that they are named, Bono and Peter Gabriel.  Well, that’s a load off my mind.  Both of those fellows are world renowned for their knowledge of climate change and Middle East affairs, and I’m certain they will be giving round the clock lectures on those subjects.  Either that, or, it could be they are on the guest list to get hot chicks and drugs for the fat cats.  With that in mind, I for one will sleep well tonight, knowing that the end of the world is right on track.

the Grit

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