Smoking Nazis on the move!

Hi Brit,

And you thought you were alone in this!  Smoking foes bring the fight to apartment buildings  What, I must ask, is the point of having a bowling alley that is smoke free?  For that matter, why, when the initial report showing that second hand smoke was dangers was proved to be a pack of lies, haven’t all these laws been stricken down by the courts?  Fortunately, our home is set back a ways from the road, so this may not be a personal issue for me.  However, there are several movements under way, again by the smoking Nazis, to keep me from smoking in my truck.  When that gets here, violence may well be the result! 

My favorite view of this came from Andrew Dice Clay, a comedian, on an episode of Dharma and Greg.  He was to be a speaker at some event and wandered in smoking a cigarette.  One of the society women coughed gently, then asked, “Don’t you know that second hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking?”  To which he replies after flicking the ash from his cig, “Then I guess I made the right choice.”

Death to the smoking Nazis!  Up the Revolution!

the Grit

6 Responses to “Smoking Nazis on the move!”

  1. theslowsteadydrip Says:

    Smoking Nazi’s = Liberals = Real Nazi’s = Oppressors

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi tssd,

    That’s an interesting chain of logic, which, all too frequently, appears to be true. The only thing missing from your equation to bring it up to date is “lawyers.”

    the Grit

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