Catching up with the Grits

Hi Grit

Playing catch up! The work art of impossible timelines seem to have afflicted me this month. Everyone wants their tasks done the day before yesterday. However, all up to date now and no-one can ask for more, until the ‘morrow.

Like inel, I think the snap addition is great, saves a lot of key bashing. Now all I need is a thought processer that can transmit from my brain (what’s left of it), so that my keyboard can progress the work unaided.

the Brit

One Response to “Catching up with the Grits”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Then take a well deserved break.

    Having learned my election lessons, that’s one more paper vote pro-Snap.

    As to the ESP interface, I’m working on that. Since my wife can often read my mind, I’m saving my money to have one of those fancy medical scans done on her. Hopefully, the resulting information will let me modify my keyboard to do the same. I’ll send you a prototype for testing.

    the Grit

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