Once again Media bias rears its ugly head

Hi Brit,

I don’t know enough, yet, about England to know if your news media is biased, but I have proof that ours is, U.S. Border Patrol agent shoots dead Mexican migrant.  From the head line one would, obviously, think that this was some poor Mexican tourist gunned down at a boarder crossing by an evil Border Patrol agent.  However, the reality is that the deader was illegally crossing into our country, was stooped by a Government official, resisted arrest, and was shot.  Of course, the liberal reporter goes on to include the Mexican point of view, like that matters, and gives a hard luck story to justify the criminal’s actions.  Cry me a river.  Personally, I’m sick of our Government’s lack of resolve to defend our boarders, just as much as I’m sick of our liberal media that sides with our enemies. 

the Grit

2 Responses to “Once again Media bias rears its ugly head”

  1. Andrew Dodds Says:

    Yeah, emigrating to try and build a better life for yourself by hard work is, like, very evil. Death is far too lenient a punishment for that kind of behaviour.

    Seriously – is it some kind of insane liberalism to ask that people are not executed by the state without due process? Do you really think that agents of the state should have the right to kill people on suspicion?

    Of course, if employers stopped employing illegals, there would be far fewer coming over… but that would mean prosecuting rich white people.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Anyone resisting a law enforcement officer takes their chances. Oh, and there is a difference between breaking into our country and emigrating; much as there is a difference between coming to my house for dinner and breaking in during the night. That, by the way, will also get you shot, if the dogs don’t get you first.

    As to rich white people being the root cause of the problem, of course they are. That group, which I one day hope to call my own, are responsible for all evil in the world. Of course your suggestion is a good one, if there were a way to know who was illegal and who was not. Keep in mind that, these days, refusing to hire someone on suspicion that they aren’t legal can bankrupt one from the resulting lawsuits. Besides, as I’ve posted before, many of these people are not looking for honest work, but are in search of better plunder. Much, much better I think to stop them at the boarder by whatever means necessary.

    the Grit

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