Jade Goody – IQ at rest?

Hi Grit

I don’t know if you have caught the Celebrity big brother programme over there, but jade.jpgapparently we are in the middle of the latest series here. A task for the celbrities yesterday was to ask the one question that they had always wanted to know.

One of the Celebrities in the house at the moment is a lady called Jade Goody. Her question was, why don’t eskimos become ice cubes in the cold weather?

Does make you wonder what the IQ levels of some of our celebrities are?

the Brit


4 Responses to “Jade Goody – IQ at rest?”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    While I will by no means vouch for Jade’s IQ level, I can’t fault her for wondering how Eskimos, better known by the politically correct as Inuits, manage to survive. While I would not have phrased their climatic trouble as “turning into ice cubes,” the technology and cultural adaptations which let them survive in the Arctic are impressive. On the other hand, she’s got a nice smile so give her a break 😉

    the grit

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